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Ostello Olimpico Vicenza

Vicenza, Italy

This is a very interesting building in a five star historic location . Backs to a river, has fourth floor terrace, abundant showers, sinks and toilets on each floor and a welcoming owner who looks after this multi-generational building that was important to the city. - UNESCO World Heritage site and city. Great prices and A.C. too.


Six bunks with one chair and beds too close to the floor to put a suitcase under and a narrow strip to stand between beds. Beautiful flooring and walls in hallway. No bench or shelves in large group bathrooms. Outstanding breakfast. .

Hostel Schwerin

Schwerin, Germany

Wonderful breakfast. Suitcases don't fit under beds=no floor space. Safety ladders length of bed. No bench or shelves in group bathroom. Far from town center.

Garden House Hostel

Porto, Portugal

This is the best hostel I've ever stayed in! Spacious, modern kitchen, bathrooms, indoor and outdoor rooms. The owners are on the premises regularly caring about the details, and maintaining a friendly, respectful atmosphere. When I misunderstood my late train departure, a staff member brought out a hide-away bed. Please God, let there be more great places like this one.

Alberguinn Youth Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

No customer comment


Spacious facilities, tiny room, good sink but mates sleeping Clean, clean, clean , 'tis


Spacious, former luxury home in residential suburb. Clean common area but bedroom/bathroom floors neglected. Good fresh air and cheerful, helpful energetic staff of all ages.