Reviews: Anonymous

Giggling Tree

Yangshuo, China

Absolutely beautiful property--we enjoyed every moment here. We spent two months in China, and this ended up being our most expensive location, though, because you basically have to eat all your meals at the guesthouse, as it's not close to anything else. We were very glad to be staying outside of Yangshuo, which is a little crowded and noisy, but we did end up spending as much in food as we did for our room at this guesthouse, and the food was mediocre. However, everything else was great!

Wada Hostel in Guilin

Guilin, China

Friendliest staff at any hostel or hotel or guesthouse or B&B--EVER. Food was excellent. Wished we had stayed longer!


Lovely gardens and friendly staff. We very much enjoyed our stay here. The hostel is somewhat out of the way, so we did end up taking a lot of taxis (bus routes are also available). The food was just okay and overpriced. But, overall, we would definitely stay here again if we were in Chengdu.

Kelly's Courtyard

Beijing, China

Stunningly beautiful--we had a hard time convincing ourselves to leave the hostel and explore Beijing!


We recently spent two months traveling in China, and this was our favorite hostel. Beautiful, comfortable, great location, friendly staff. We felt relaxed and at ease there. The neighborhood was lovely, and we found it easy to get around. There's a fun coffee shop nearby (though the coffee at the hostel was also great).