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The staff was great, free breakfast was nice to have and they had several coon areas where it was easy to meet other people. I'll stay there again

Pagration Youth Hostel

Athens, Greece

Pretty good hostel with a solid location . Having to pay for hot water was kind of annoying, but other than that great place to stay.

Cheers Midtown

Istanbul, Turkey

Pretty good hostel. Nothing to write home about, but it was clean, close to the tram so it was easy to go to the sites and all that. Good value for the money. I'd stay again.


A little expensive for what it was and could have used some AC. Other than that it was a nice place to stay

Hotel Taj Plaza

Agra, India

It was all pretty good. Only way to improve would be to have a more available supply of hot water. Can't say anything about the wifi because I didn't use it. Staff was very accommodating.

Check Inn HK

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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