Reviews: Anonymous

Astor Museum Inn

London, England

The location is AMAZING; right by the British Museum in a very nice area of town and very accessible by Tube and bus. The staff is very friendly and there's someone at reception 24/7 to help you out. The lounge is a nice place to meet fellow travelers, and the rooms and beds were very clean. The bathrooms were a little funky on the bottom floor, where we stayed, but much better higher up, and for the price, it's really not a big deal.

Euphemia Old City Canal Zone

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I wouldn't have expected more for the price (it is a budget hostel) but I had much better experiences at hostels in other countries for the same or similar price. The facilities are just okay (two very narrow flights of stairs led to our room, which was reasonably clean, but the bathrooms in our room and on the floor were not). There is very little opportunity to meet other people staying in the hostel, and the location is just okay. All in all, not terrible, but not great either.