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Louvre Youth Hostel

Paris, France

This hostel is not like any other I've ever stayed, and not in a good way. The staff was very serious and not welcoming. They were extremely strict about coming in and out. The atmosphere was completely different from typical youth hostels. The day I checked out there were about 50 young children throughout their lobby staying their from a school trip or something. There wasn't wifi available, either, which travelers often need at their hostels to plan for future travels. Overall disappointing.

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As we present on the micro-web site, as we confirmed by mail : our hostel even is THE BEST LOCATED, is steak a very simple and basic place intended for students, teachers, and youth travellers from 15 till 35 years-old. For the service of a 5 stars Palace, the silence of a church, or a romantic honey-moon… Honestly, you make the wrong choice ! SORRY

Astor Victoria

London, England

The hostel was really cool and they had activities in the hostel, such as movie night or music of your choice in the lounge. The staff was super helpful with everything, providing books, bandaids and takeaway menus for us when we needed them. The toilets and showers were really small but still okay. There were always tons of people in the kitchen to talk with, watch tv, and drink with. Very chill and relaxed.