Reviews: Anonymous

Outlanders Tribe Hostel

Split, Croatia

Had a wonderfull stay at Outlanders. The people who run the hostell are damn near-perfect. Only downside is the facilities, the lack of a proper kitchen and larger fridge is a shame. Granted the Hostell is newly opened, but none the less It's bringing down the rateing. Location is decent enough once you know how to get there. Other then that, It has what you need like good AC and a nice common room.

Hvar Out Hostel

Hvar, Croatia

Make no mistake: this is a party hostel. If you are not looking for that, stay clear of Hvar out. Furthermore stay clear of Hvar. That said, had a wonderfull time at Hvar out, excellent staff, wonderfull facilities, a bathroom for every room I beleive and so on. If your going to Hvar and your looking for a good time, book this place!

Helvetia Hostel

Hvar, Croatia

The Hostel is clean and fresh. Good AC, good facilities. Nice terrace. Staff and owner is friendly and professional. However, if you are looking for a hostel with a good vibe/party this is not the place.

Funky Donkey

Brac, Croatia

Bad things come first. Hostell could be run bettter really, It's hard to put a finger on but the place needs someone experienced to manage the every day workings, to organize things, promote the Hostell etc. The lack of proper AC is also annoying. However, Vinko (Owner), Tommo and Auryn are a great bunch, I had a awsome time at the hostell. Always something going on wether it's cheap daytrips to solid locations on Brac to predrinks in the commonroom. I highly reccomend at a stay at Funky!