Reviews: Anonymous

Location: England, Gender: Female, Age: 24

Location is good however a little hard to find and the street it is on is a little dirty and sometimes smells of urine. Security is very good on dorms, you need your keycard to access your floor and your room. Place was noisy, and there were lots of unknown people because upstairs they have a bar where the public is also invited. I slept on the top bunk bed, had to crouch if I want to sit up. Not enough ceiling space.


Good place, I like how each bed had their own light and plug plus the room had a fan. Staff were ok except for one receptionist who was lying down in the sofa and I wanted her help and I didn't like the attitude, lounging around whilst helping a customer.

Copacabana 4U

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pictures were deceiving, not a nice hostel to stay. The room I was in smelled, not enough toilets only 3. Internet didn't work well and only worked at the reception or at the bar which was too dark. They did have TV which was working fine and showed English programmes. Staff were nice but not organised enough. Kitchen was too small, need to do a lot of cleaning there and lacking a lot of things.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Great new hostel, great staff, great view and great breakfast. Only downside is that the kitchen and rooms need a little more cleaning and need lockers in each room.

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Thanks very much for your review! We are sorry about the cleanness, we are looking for a cleaner. And, about the lockers, we are also providing it. Hope you comeback some day!!!] Goooood trips for you!! ;)

Curitiba Casa Hostel

Curitiba, Brazil

Good breakfast, internet, staff but a little bit far out from the centre just near the garden but there are buses to get to the centre.

Ukelele Hostel

Montevideo, Uruguay

Hostel was alright, near the centre but slow internet and a little too noisy from the music at the reception so it was a little hard to sleep

Art Factory

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The good- great breakfast (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice) with scrambled egg and you just need to ask the kitchen staff. Nice and quiet but provides activities upstairs like BBQ, tango lessons etc. The only thing I didn't like very much was the staff, I asked them a few questions like the ferry to Uruguay etc and I feel like the staff aren't informative enough because I had a few problems with the website and the area where the hostel is, they don't know much like cost of laundry etc.

7 Duendes

Salta, Argentina

Had a great stay, warm shower good facilities. They had computers, TV and even a movie "room". Good vibes and friendly staff.m

Bacoo Hostel

La Paz, Bolivia

Good warm shower, good facilities


10 minutes walk up, good location to see the whole of puno. Nice place good internet


Good: Located in between plaza de armas and San Pedro market, good location. Staff were nice and friendly. Good security and entertainment Bad: The kitchen staff are slow preparing breakfast (starts at 7) and I had to leave at 7:30 for Machu Picchu also I had a big lunch so I decided to eat at the bar upstairs, the lady didn't know how to make a simple burger and had to ask the other lady and my burger was cold, stale bread, no effort at all.


I arrived in nasca around 11pm and I didn't know that the hostel offers free pick ups, so it was nice for them to pick me up at the bus station. The hostel was nice, I was given a towel and a bar of soap free of charge. The only down side are the two seƱoras who work there, they don't seem to know how the system work, as I booked mine from hostelword I've already paid my stay partially. Other than that, great stay.