Reviews: Anonymous

AAE S.F. European Hostel

San Francisco, USA

Location could have been much better but the staff here was awesome and everyone was very sharing, caring and pleasant. Andy the desk operator was awesome, great guy and really made my stay welcome and gave directions to nearby shops, food, and groceries. There is a communal kitchen for cooking and using the internet that's very clean and safe. I'd definitely stay at this place again if I'm in SF for an extended trip, recommended.

Encore Express Hotel/Hostel

San Francisco, USA

I usually don't write reviews but I'm doing so to help prevent the experience I had with this hostel. I booked my first night in San Francisco here because other hostels in better location were all rented out. DO NOT PARK ON THE STREET, and if so DO NOT leave anything visible in your car. It was impossible for me with an SUV with many belongings taken on a roadtrip. I only learned later how bad this location is with homeless everywhere. And the stairway in the hostel smelled like urine...