Reviews: Anonymous

City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

Their organization and their positive receptiveness to suggestions is impressive. Saying "that actually would be good to have" is so much better than the usual "no". Also, the first night, they were full and offered me tips on finding another place to stay. Their products are solid and reliable.. from the living spaces, technology for security and computers, to ceiling shower heads! It isn't as comofrtable as a hotel, but after traveling through 10+ hostels, this is the first one I felt safe.

London Backpackers

London, England

Checkin: they ask for a cash deposit for card access after hours Computers: there are 2. they are ok, but they are only usable during reception hours Beds: I was in the 16 or 18 bed dorm and they would leave the windows open all day and night to the traffic noise because it was so stuffy Shower water was timed and annoying Costs a $$ lot on the metro to get into the main city