Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Wales, Gender: Male, Age: 42

Amsterdam Hostel Orfeo

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I have stayed at this hostel many times. Everytime is has been such a pleasure, for the following reasons. Firstly, the customer service is always excellent. Secondly, the place is allways clean. This being undertaken by a hard working housekeeper who does not have a day off! Thirdly, it offers the best value for money with the lowest price as in the city! The hostel has a kitchen which guests may use , there is a launderette five mintes away and other intresting places.

Asterix Hostel

Goa, India

The hostel was excellent, the staff amazing and I had a really great time there. Everyone seemed to be happy and it was excellent value for money. The bathrooms were a little dirty sometimes, but, every time Matilda tried to clean my bathroom, someone was using it. If I decided to visit India again, I would only go to Goa and stay at this place!

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hostel is a good choice for people on a budget. The place has a instutional feel about it, with God signs every where. The staff were ok, its clean and You will get a good nights sleep.

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hostel is situated in the Red Light District which is quite a dangerous place. Someone got robbed outside the door of the hostel and the police came in the dorms at mid night to ask questions. However, the staff were good, the place was quite clean and the food was ok. The dorms were a little cold at night and I noticed a stain on the sheets on the bed below mine. Most of the guests were international and seemed intrested in the cultural things to do in Amsterdam. This place is acceptable.

Keleti Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

The host of this hostel is very friendly , warm and helpful. Sadly, the hostel is unclean and I would only recommend this place only if you are on a strict budget. It need to be decorated, it a shame!

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hostel has a safe, central location. The staff are friendly and helpful. The place is clean, except for the dust under the beds. The cafe offers cheap, tasty food. The price includes a free breaffast which is ok. The other guests are from a round the world. I would reccomrnd this hostel to people wishing to have a good night sleep. The garden court yard would be great in the summer. Good value.