Reviews: Anonymous

HI Boston

Boston, USA

Place was very welcoming. Staff cleans it very well and leaves it spotless. Unfortunately, not all guest are very clean and it could get a little dirty. Great private bathrooms. Good showers. Bed was comfortable and clean. I absolutely loved the lockers by the bed and the outlet to plug in my cell phone at night. Security was good, but it could be better. When someone opens the door to get in or out, someone else could just go in. But staff appeared to be attentive to who goes in and ou

Cambie Hostel - Seymour

Vancouver, Canada

Staff was very friendly. Place is old, but very clean. They may miss a spot or so. They do an excellent in cleaning the bathrooms. The security is excellent except for luggage storage. They store the luggage for you in a locked basement, however, they don\\\'t ask for proof that it is yours when you pick it up. I would feel security for luggage could improve with baggage claim checks, or even if it\\\'s just an ID check and your luggage has your name on it. Will stay again.