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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 62

Charlie´s Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This hostel is brand new. Three weeks old to be exact. You can still smell fresh paint on the doors and fixtures. I had a little trouble finding it, but it was worth it. Ezekiel and his staff went out of their way to accommodate me and show me how to get around Buenos Aires. Definitely worth coming back to if I return.

Hostel Mora Mendoza

Mendoza, Argentina

I was only at this hostel over night, but was impressed with it immediately. Especially the pitcher of red wine on the table next to the kitchen. The staff was helpful the next day in help me secure a ticket on line to Cordoba before heading to the bus station. With more time, I would like to see more of Mendoza. It seemed like a smaller more accessible town. Next time I guess....

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Thanks for your comment !! So be it,,, next time !!

La Chimba Hostel

Santiago, Chile

I spent five nights in a single at this hostel. It was reasonably priced and the breakfast was okay MOST of the time. Okay facilities except for the WIFI breaking down for a day or so. I'll go back if I get back that way in a couple of years.

Vaianny Guest House

Easter Island, Chile

Had a good stay. The breakfast is good and the room is fine for the price. The internet's slow and that's pretty prevalent on that island. Kaka was accommodating when she was around. If I return, I plan to go back to this hostel.

Long Street Backpackers

Cape Town, South Africa

...Like a lot of the reviews say, the place is a little loud at night, so if your an old fart like me, you'll have to get over it. I slept just fine and Emma and Marius were a great help. Bring a lock and use common sense with regard to security. I also liked the dog.

The Hippo Backpackers

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I was there for an overnight stay before getting back on the BazBus so it was okay. No bar. The facilities looked okay and I had a good sleep. I was only there long enough to get back up and head out again.

Durban Backpackers - On the Beach

Durban, South Africa

The place is away from town but spot on the beach. For my purpose, it was excellent. The place was spotless and I had the dorm to myself. It was all good. I'd gladly return.

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Hi Charles Thank you for your positive comment. It is not always so quiet !! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Mbizi Backpackers Lodge

Johannesburg, South Africa

This was an okay place to settle in for a couple of days after a 30 hour trip to get there. Patrick was accommodating and I was at ease in a room to myself for the first days until I didn't need to sleep forever and then went to the dorms. If I go back to SA, this will probably be where I end up after reversing my tour so I can see the Coast next time.

Pineapple Park Kona

Kailua-Kona, USA

Annie is your typical cranky Korean Mama-san in that she rules the premises. But I gotta say, she put on a kick-ass spread on Thanksgiving Day. She brought all us Americans home for the day and showed the internationals how we Americans pig out on that special holiday. Besides, it wasn't the first time a woman yelled at me...


I thought it was nice that you get a free cab ride when you spend more than one night there. Jarred was righteous enough. I left early because it was thanksgiving and Public transport sucks on the Big Island. I needed to be sure I'd make it to the other side. Hilo was nice and the breakfast was okay.


Nice location...The breakfast was minimal but free. Free is hard to beat. Plus there's a breakfast nook operating next to it or in it. I could go back...


This place is surprisingly affordable for being so close to the airport. The food and drinks are a bit more like what's charged for airport fare, but I could use the kitchen and bring my own if I so chose. I normally take the train in from town, this place is fifteen minutes walking distance if you don't want to pay the 3 euros for shuttle. I was amply satisfied.

Frankfurt Hostel

Frankfurt, Germany

I've stayed at a few hostels in Frankfurt and I like this one the best. Great breakfast and now they have nightly pasta. I'll be back.

Five Reasons Hostel

Nuremberg, Germany

The place is very close to the BahnHoff and I was a beat-up pup from an all night ride from Maribor. They checked me in and let me lay lifeless around the common area until I could go into the room. Everything was great and I would gladly go back if I'm ever in Nurnberg again.

The Brit Hostel Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

The directions were okay and even the tram driver helped direct me toward the corner I needed to go to get to the hostel. Everyone was helpful and I even added a night because Zagreb was a pretty enough town. Plus, it had a piano.

Travellers Home Hostel

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Sarajevo was a city I wish I could have seen more of, but I was running out of time to reach my flight in Frankfurt. The guys there were very helpful and the kitchen was a great place for all of us to relate info and where we had been. Maybe I'll make it back. Good value.

Hostel Hikers Den

Zabljak, Montenegro

Alex and his girlfriend were great helping me figure a route to hike. He told me I would have the trails to myself and that was a fact. They were ever so accommodating to an old geezer such as myself. The area may be a little depressed economically, but it's beautiful and worth going out of the way for.

City Hostel Prizren

Prizren, Kosovo

I wonder if electricity might be a dear commodity in Prizren. No matter, when they got power, the staff was helpful in directing me more practically through Eastern Europe than my original plan. Food was good and I made it out of town alive. If I went back, I'd gladly go back to City Hostel.


Tirana, Albania

The directions in English worked great. The people in Tirana were also great. The breakfast was good and the staff was very helpful, accommodating and informative. I would gladly go back to Trip n Hostel....

Fira backpackers place

Santorini, Greece

I spent the first night in a dorm and the next two nights in a reasonably priced private room. All was good and the staff was very helpful setting me up with a scooter for a day.


The place is fairly close to the metro. It was also fairly easy to find if I would only learn to look up more. The price was good for what I got. I actually would've stayed another day but they were booked solid. No complaints.

Hostel Mancini

Naples, Italy

Getting to the place isn't hard. But the surroundings lack something to be desired. No matter, they keep an eye out for you and on you. The staff was helpful and found me a place for the next night. I was okay with it.

Hostel 7 Santi

Florence, Italy

The place is big and about 15 minutes from the bus/train station. But once you get off, you're close and right next door to a supermarket. Not much in the way of a kitchen. The evening meal looked good and I even went for the breakfast on the third morning of my stay. It was pretty good for 5 euros. I'd go back now that I know the way.

INOUT Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

There are special people working at this hostel and they do a great job. It was out of the way and I was okay with that. I could still be to the city center in about twenty minutes with the metro. Wifi was a problem but I could do computer stuff if I walked down to the main building. They also have a great breakfast.


The place was okay. The staff was very helpful. The room I stayed in was next to the kitchen and that place is never quiet. After the party is over, The late night crew comes in to clean up and that can be noisy to. No matter, I was okay with the place.

Living Cat's Hostel

Madrid, Spain

I didn't make this reservation until the bus I was in arrived in Madrid. I managed to find it easily enough and the staff was good at helping me find stores and mail off some of my stuff. It was a good time.

Meiga Backpackers

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Fortunately, the town is small. It was close by and so was the supermarket. The stay was pleasant enough.

Garden House Hostel

Porto, Portugal

I was only in Porto for a day and that day was a Sunday. Everyone was okay and I wish I would have had more time to spend in the town. The breakfast was okay too.

Lisb'on Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Kitcen was spacious and nice. Staff was helpful for the most part. I thought I lost my computer cord and the girl at the desk was a great help in my going to purchase a new one. She was also kind of hot.

The Stumble Inn

Lagos, Portugal

Lagos is a party town and the folks at this place will show you the best ways to do that. Didn't have to buy a towel for a shower and the kitchen was more than adequate. I was only there a day but was plenty satisfied.

The Garden Backpacker

Seville, Spain

When I finally found the place, it was late and I told the gal I was ready for a beer. She didn't miss a beat and ran off and came back with a San Miguel open and ready to go. I liked that. I liked the free Sangrias at 8 as well. The breakfast was good too. I'd gladly go back.


The place was a nice break from Morocco. Especially since I could finally get a beer somewhere. The kitchen was nice and the breakfast was okay as well.

Funky Fes

Fez, Morocco

I stayed at two different hostels in Fes and this place was the best. Folks were accomodating. Toilet paper was free. So was breakfast. Towels weren´t. but the place was definitely okay.

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We are realy glad that you like our hostel and you will be always welcome to funky fez.

Hostel Waka Waka, Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

No lockers but folks were honorable enough. Took me awhile to find the place because I turned left at the wrong pharmacy. Good deal for the money.

Alegria's Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

I think Gloria was who welcomed me and she was very nice. She also showed me where the beer was as soon as I got there. The place is okay. The stove needs some work but it got my food cooked. There were also some good museums well within walking distance. I was glad to be there for my last two days in South America.

The Pelican Larry Hostel

Cali, Colombia

I got the idea for this place from a card I picked up at the hostel I stayed at in Pampyan(?) It's fairly close to the bus staion and the staff was helpful in getting me to the bus the next morning. Oh yeah...all the desk chics are hot.

Hostal Marsella

Quito, Ecuador

The place is okay. Estuardo(?) was a big help in getting me out of town the next morning. I was running out of time and needed to be in Bogota in a matter of days. Too bad the beggars wouldn't leave me alone when I went for a walk, but that was pretty much everywhere.

Alternative Hostels

Cuenca, Ecuador

I was in a hurry, but the place was nice and accomodating. I was there long enough for a walk in the evening before having a nice dinner across the street and then checking out a movie before going to bed. The guy in the morning was a great help. He got me out so fast that I forgot to give him my room key back!

Hostel Kokopelli

Lima, Peru

It's far from the airport but about everything is. The folks were very helpful and the place looked like it would have been alot of fun if I could have stayed longer. Unfortunately, I needed to get to Bogota in less than a week so I had to keep travelling.

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Hola , Glad to see that you liked Kokopelli and would have stayed longer if it weren't for your flight. Woudl like to mention though that we are in Miraflores, the touristy commercial district of Lima which is indeed 30-40 minutes form the airport and also 90% if Lima hostes are located, you don't really want to stay near the airport even if it's 1 night. Cheers and hope to see you back, Koko.


Cusco, Peru

For Everyone's information, it is no longer called the CAPC. That made it a little tricky to find. But I did and they were helpful enough after that. For what I paid, I was okay with the place.

Supertramp Hostel

Machu Picchu, Peru

Everyone was very helpful. Angie's a sweety. She even gave me a dorm room to myself for the night because all the bottom bunks in the room I was supposed to be in were taken. Too bad she didn't give me an email address that works. Breakfast was good as well. charlie

Ecolodge Copacabana

Copacabana, Bolivia

The place is as far out of town as you can get. They did offer me a ride if I would have known when I was arriving. The rooms are pretty fancy. The shower was iffy with regard to warm water, but I managed. The breakfast was above and beyond excellent. It would be worth going back to...

Villa Bonita Coroico

Coroico, Bolivia

Gianni and his wife Ninth(?) were great. He even gave me a deal because I was by myself checking into a double for two nights. I liked being about a kilometer out of town. Breakfast was nice as well...

Lion Palace

La Paz, Bolivia

Don't know what to say... It was noisy on one night. But I looked around and wasn't sure I could do much better for my money if I went somewhere else. I came back to it mainly because I knew it was there. I'd probably look around for something else if I went back.

International Budget Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

For what I had to pay to stay in A'dam, why do I also have to buy breakfast? Oh well, I guess they are all expensive. Maybe you could make the stairs a little steeper next time..... I didn't mind it though..The staff was nice enough.

Budgett Hostels

Groningen, Netherlands

15 years ago, this place was the office of an agent of mine who booked piano bar entertainers. Wow is it ever different! The place is well kept and the internet was free so I liked that. I thought breakfast was over priced. But the staff were helpful when I needed them.

Stayokay Arnhem

Arnhem, Netherlands

I wanted to get away to a smaller town. I didn't get to a smaller town, but I did get away. The hostel's just outside of the city limits and there weren't alot of people there so it made for a nice break....I liked walking around the neighborhood near a horse farm or whatever. Breakfast was good too....

Snuffel Backpacker Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

I was okay with the place. I liked that I could rent a bike. I didn't wanna buy breakfast. For what I paid, I feel I got an okay deal.


Even though I wasn't crazy about Brussels, the staff were helpful and the breakfast was okay. I was there on a Sunday so things were a little slow anyway.

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hello we thank you for your comments, we're happy you enjoyed your stay in our hostel all the best for your future HI adventures regards phil

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

Despite its location in the sleaz district, morale and integrity were top notch.

Frankfurt Hostel

Frankfurt, Germany

Damn good breakfast....


I spent most of my time in Dublin and Belfast so this place was a welcome getaway from the city. I was also lucky that there were very few people the night I stayed. It is out of the way in the Ireland countryside. Wicklow is worth looking for. The next day, Helen(proprietor) told me I could make the bus and she was right. I found the bus to and from nowhere where they let you off and as soon as he started the engine, I was ready to get off and go back.

Avalon House

Dublin, Ireland

This place has a good location in the city. Staff was helpful in getting me an online ticket to Belfast by train. My stay on the way back was nice as well....met interesting people. GOOD CRAIC!!

Lagan Backpackers

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Good crack as they say....William's a warm and accommodating host.Watch the whiskey though... With luck, I'll do it again one day. charlie

Avalon House

Dublin, Ireland

The place was easy enough to find and the staff was helpful. The breakfast

Hong Kong Budget Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

I'm still not sure what to think about hostels in Hong Kong..I got a room to myself at a very reasonable rate at both hostels. This one was very clean. The guy was helpful but I kind of miss being around other folks interacting as you normally do in hostels. But I can't complain about the help I got or ammenities offered.

Innjoyworld Hostel

Shanghai, China

I liked it...It was a let down from Bejing, but it was good to talk with others and in the end, I got to go to alot of areas. Plus, going outside and taking a left would take you about 500 years back in an instant. The areas around there were fascinating. If I go back to Shanghai, I would go back to a new and improved, I'm sure, SLEEPING DRAGON.


I had my own room and it was okay for the money. The staff was great. They were helpful for any number of things and also had alot of activities available for a reasonable price. If you have a whole day, their Great Wall trip is a good value at 240RMB. And there were lots of other things I didn\'t have time to look into. Apple was the biggest help. Her English is best and she\'s a sweetie, but everyone was good to me. I want to go back.


This place was great. It was the first stop and the high point of my visit to China. The staff was very accomidating. I had a single room to myself and it was nice. If you need anything, just ask Apple. She's a sweetheart.

A1 Hostel & Hotel

Prague, Czech Republic

This place was okay....The women working there were very accomidating. For the money, I was satisfied.


After Budapest, the weather was bad and that was a let down. Bratislava is also not a big city and alot of people aren't so helpful. But the staff at Backpackers were very helpful. Latzo and Shannon were especially helpful party-wise. And I appreciate any hostel with a piano.

Yoga Happy Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

I didnt stay at the Aquarium....They sent me to the MUSEUM2 instead. Cant complain because except for a few folks, I had the place pretty much to myself.