Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 46

Hostel Achalay

Bariloche, Argentina

Immensely enjoyable hostel because the staff are terrific here and so warm. They really care about making your stay enjoyable and including you. Some places can feel a bit snobby to a solo traveler but this place is super welcoming and you will make friends quickly and easily. I liked Bariloche far more than I expected so I would advise you to book more time here than planned because it's popular and you might find that you want to extend your stay but cannot because it's already booked.

Knutsen Housing and Hostal

Santiago, Chile

Knut is a fantastic guy and really knows how to make guests feel welcome - he invited me to join him & friends for a barbecue, introduced me, gave me a drink, and offered advice on everything I needed to know. This was amazing. But what was really mind blowing is how relaxed he was about payment. I arrived from the airport - no chance to change money. Knut was not only ok with waiting until the following day for payment, he loaned me money for the night so I could go salsa dancing! Great place.

Happy Hammock Eco

Paraty, Brazil

This is a very special and unique place. I really loved my time there and would love to return one day. I admire and appreciate what the young crew of hostel managers are doing. It's a spectacular spot with stunning views. I dream about lying in the hammock listening to the waves crash and watching the moon. Two things to consider - 1. you are far from town here and it's not cheap to get back and forth so factor into costs. 2. Kitchen use is more or less just for staff so plan on buying dinner.

Biergarten Hostel

Ilha Grande, Brazil

I really did not enjoy Ilha Grande and thought it was way overhyped, extremely overpriced, and not friendly at all. The hostel was a pleasant place to be, and the staff is great here. I would skip Ilha grande entirely and just go to Paraty instead. However, if you come here and cannot find space at the hostels directly on the water this is a good option because of the superb staff. Very clean and nice cats. Socialized more with staff than travelers, lots of groups that only talk to each other.

Casa Angel Youth Hostel

Oaxaca, Mexico

I thought this was the most overrated hostel of my entire trip. Highest price and best reviews... Very disappointed. It's really not a good spot for travelers unless you want to watch music videos (there is a huge tv in the common area, always blasting horrid pop music videos) and location is farthest from center of all the hostels. Staff is uninterested at best and in some cases quite rude. Night staff particularly bad - does not even want to open door! Atmosphere far better elsewhere.

Posada del Abuelito

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

This is less of a hostel and more of a bed and breakfast. It's run by a family that takes incredible care of the place and everything is beyond amazing in terms of cleanliness, modern facilities, good breakfast, security, etc. however if you are a solo traveler looking to make friends this is the wrong place. It's the kind of space where everyone is always on their phones, smoking or talking just with their travel companion. So it depends what you seek. Facilities are perhaps the best of any.

Hostel Orquideas

Cancun, Mexico

This is a great hostel, and the kind of place you stay longer than planned because you fall in love with the staff and volunteers. As everyone has already said, the owners are the best, but really everyone here is a gem, and they really care about you. I made some good friends, and some good food, and had a lovely stay. Highly recommend

Kinlay Eyre Square Hostel

Galway, Ireland

Skip this place and go to Galway City hostel, one block away, and owned by the same people. This is a hotel, not a hostel, and has really awful atmosphere like any big hotel. Galway city hostel is absolutely perfect in every way, friendly, cheap, great breakfast, amazing staff and super atmosphere. Wish I could review them here but I booked direct. Anyway, in summary - Galway City Hostel is a perfect ten and this place is just a bed for sleeping and a quick breakfast. Decent but busy kitchen.


This is still probably my favorite Hostel in the world, One of those places you have a really hard time leaving (I left and came back three or four times in the course of a month in Israel!) I made such good friends, had great talks and laughs, cooked up a storm, and felt at home. I hate smoking and drinking but somehow I tolerate it at florentine because the people are just so damned loveable here. It would be awesome to dedicate part of the amazing patio to us non smokers!!!! I'll be back.

Hostel Overstay TLV

Tel Aviv, Israel

There are better options, I far preferred hostel Florentine. This is a place that may one day in the future be amazing but right now needs more work. The atmosphere is strange and quite uncomfortable for a solo traveler. I made friends but I was really happy to leave. The staff seemed to have a difficult relationship with the volunteers. The space itself is not conducive to socializing and many people just hung out on their phones or tablets. I hope in the future it's more social here.


The large dorm room is really awful, huge and unpleasant, with very dirty bathroom that had a broken shower when I was there. Smaller dorm rooms far better. Staff were excellent but owner has an issue with female guests and can be quite sexually inappropriate. Location is fantastic. Pricing is uneven, sometimes competitive and at others extravagantly overpriced. The outdoor space is very nice. The problem here, as with all the Isrseli hostels, is the complete lack of thought for nonsmokers.

Colombian Home Hostel

Cali, Colombia

One of my all time favorite spots, I came back for a second visit because it's so homey. Family run, it's small and super friendly. I made so many friends! Extremely clean, safe, good location, great volunteers. Rooftop is great for socializing and the salsa class is a ton of fun. Went out numerous nights with new friends from the hostel for salsa and such. Really good times! I will definitely come back whenever next in Cali. Thank you Caroline!!!!

Magnolia Inn

Panama City, Panama

Extremely convenient location, fantastic facilities, air conditioning works well. If you just want to go party in the old city perfect place. Not a spot to make friends as it's not a social hostel at all and they have a huge television in the living room that dominates the space. Attracts young crowd who hang out on their phones all the time and don't talk to anyone. Staff nice, helpful. Place extremely clean and modern. I had friends already in Panama so it was fine for me. Good kitchen, too.

Local House Hostel

Cali, Colombia

It's a pretty unsafe area for single female travelers, would not recommend on that basis alone. Breakfast substandard by Colombian standards. Staff perfectly nice. Room quite small. Should offer female form, I was the only girl in a roomful of male strangers, it was quite uncomfortable.


I was truly sorry to have only a few hours at walking street. It's a great hostel and Manju, the extremely nice manager, is the kind of person who really understands how to make everyone feel welcome and wanted. The vibe is really friendly and homey, there is a nice kitchen, a great living room, and the rooms themselves are clean, comfortable and attractive. In overpriced Europe the price is a real bargain. I will definitely stay here again whenever I am next in Pisa.

Hostel Papaya Getsemani

Cartagena, Colombia

I had the best time here because of the warmth and kindness of the staff, particularly Ana, the manager. It is small and cozy and you will feel at home right away. Located in a great and safe area.

Rowan Tree Hostel

Ennis, Ireland

This is the best hostel I have ever stayed in. It has the amenities of a 5-star hotel, without any attitude at all. I am a chef and I really appreciated the commercial kitchen they offer to guests. Spotlessly clean. The place is really one of a kind.