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Location: India, Gender: Female, Age: 31

Riad Jakoura

Marrakech, Morocco

This is a good establishment but in our eyes, this place cannot match another establishment we stayed at which has a similar price offering and much better location. I guess I am particularly incredulous of average of 100% rating, which I have not seen in all my time of checking out fantastic hostels around the world!

Riad Lakhdar

Marrakech, Morocco

This place is located ideally for those who want to be close to the medina but still treasure a quiet environment. The facility is clean and beautifully decorated...just sitting around in the courtyard next to the fireplace and admiring the colourful surroundings was an experience. The breakfast is lavishly presented, service is friendly and the riad offers several additional amenities such as a Moroccan wine if you want to relax in the evening, a traditional dinner, etc

Walk On The Beach Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I really enjoyed my stay at this establishment, particularly for the friendly atmosphere fostered by the staff here. As a solo traveller, I felt very welcomed by this hostel, thanks also to the numerous activities the hostel provides - tours, football excursions, etc. The bar is also a nice place to hang out and establish friendships. My only qualm with this place is that the rooms are very cramped once all the beds are occupied and all the luggage is brought into the room.

Belford Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

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  • 13th May 2013
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  • India
  • All Female Group, 25-30
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This was, by far, my worst experience in a hostel, especially taking into account the non-trivial amounts of cash we had to part to get a booking here. Security at this establishment is appalling beyond belief; we were sure anyone could just saunter in and sleep in our rooms or take our stuff. It's a long walk to the nearest station & the staff is v strange in their behaviour. The toilets were generally wet and awful a few hours after cleaning & is not designed to be a shared facility. Avoid!

Chicago Getaway Hostel

Chicago, USA

I've mostly backpacked only in Europe & considering USA is not really known for its backpacking culture, I really didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised by Chicago Getaway. Nice neighborhood with cafes & bars. I was very impressed with the facilities & services at the hostel - lots of space, spic n span cleanliness, bikes for hire, laptops/netbooks for hire (nvr seen this before!), huge TV room, decent breakfast, great counterstaff, listings of Chicago events by day/time - brilliant


This is really more a hotel than a hostel, so ideal for those going in groups/pairs, certainly didn't seem ideal for those travelling solo. The rooms are clean & our ensuite bathroom was perfect - not cramped at all and v well-maintained. Security is high in this place with card access to all rooms. My biggest quibble about the place was the relatively expensive access to internet at 1EUR/15mins. Down the road from this hostel is a nice restaurant L'Ecrin and Le Bar du Lycee is lovely to

Wombats City Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

What a fun hostel with lots of character - normally not something one would associate with such a big hostel. But the rooms are clean, the staff is fun, the breakfast is ginormous, a proper continental buffet breakfast too and more importantly, a kick-ass bar! I was travelling alone and really appreciated the bar where I discovered several groups to hang out with and then head to town with. Highly recommend the place for groups and individuals & do eat at the Vietnamese place across the street

Sant Jordi Diagonal Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Thanks a lot for a fantastic stay! Really enjoyed the room with a balcony that opened onto the Diagonal where we could hang out at and chat late into the night with all and sundry who stayed in the room. The little bakery below the hostel is lovely and a nice place to pick up breakfast from. The free internet, TV room, dining area, etc made for great areas to hang out in...enjoyed the stay a lot! Cheers :)

Cintamani Travellers Lodge

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

excellent location and good value for money, very cheap! defly meant to be only a stop for catching up on sleep, not a typical backpacker place..

PLUS Camping Michelangelo

Florence, Italy

I was clearly unfamiliar with the concept of a camping stay when I arrived at this place so I was stumped when I arrived. The lack of a flashlight meant that I was quite lost on the longish way between entrance to the campsite and my bed, I had also not brought along various other things campers would normally carry and therefore I was underwhelmed. That said, for those who enjoy campsites, this was a well-laid out and organised arrangement

Big Johns Backpacker Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

My boyfriend and I were in BKK for an extended weekend and we definitely loved this place. Big John's is great for the lazy traveller or for the traveller who likes to keep odd hours. With 24 hour-availability of food and drinks (fairly reasonably priced), internet, pool table, TVs playing multiple sports channels, an awesome crowd and lots more, one can have lots of fun just on the premises of the guesthouse. The only thing that bummed us was the long walk from the train station to the guesthouse, which really isn't that bad, except when you are carrying tons of stuff after shopping like mad. Oh, and the whole free beer deal (read the guesthouse description to find out more) is insanely awesome...we got pretty smashed the night of soccer WC final.


Really liked the location and the crowd in the hostel. I made a few good friends and hung out with them, although I was travelling alone. The staff was friendly and helpful. The breakfast was nice too. The fact that they had a rocking New Year's party in the basement was pretty cool. But what really sucked about the place were the toilets - they have to either increase the no. of cubicles or increase the frequency of cleaning-up! Overall, this might not be the best hostel ever, but for the price it offers and the location in NYC, it's a catch!

Hotel WINS

Batam, Indonesia

This is a well-located hotel for someone who's in Batam for shopping. Located conveniently in Nagoya and close to Batam Centre, every retail experience is just a cab ride away. However, this is not a good place for someone looking for a beachside experience, which can be found in Nongsapur, complete with water sports et al (which is 40mins away from this hotel) The room was well-furnished and maintained, much to our surprise, given the low cost of stay. The service staff was most helpful and welcoming.

Amsterdam Hostel Annemarie

Amsterdam, Netherlands

My very 1st experience of solo backpacking started from this hostel & I\'m now reviewing it nearly 4years later! That I still remember the place distinctly, including where it is located and conversations I had there is testament to the character of the place. The staff was friendly & full of crazy stories of drugged-up guests. Brilliantly located across from Van Gogh Museum, but beware that thr used to be no lift back then so carrying heavy luggage up can be a bit painful.Tht apart, great place