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The breakfast was outstanding, all you could eat and huge bowls of fresh cut fruit.

Belfast International Youth Hostel

Belfast, Northern Ireland

At the end of a 38 day trip the hostel was very good, we stayed there because the tour to Giants Causeway could be arranged at same location, I am planning to bring family members back in a few years, and though they don't think they would like hostels, I there 74 year old mother and grandmother think it is time they got real and realized how great hostels are and the benefits they offer for longer and meaningful travel. I was a tour guide in Scotland and SW England for several years,loved tour.


My second time here and as I always arrive around 2 am after flying from Rome, the Palmers Lodge is a great place, staff helpful, beds comfortable and clean, and breakfast good too. I am 74 l travel and use alot of hostels, this one is special.


I ended a 46 day tour of UK and Italy at the Plamer Lodge, and it was very nice, and quiet with decent beds and good breakfast. I arrived about 2am after flying to London from Rome, and the bed was so welcome, and room very quiet and warn. MKD