Reviews: laurascribbles

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 34

This place was fantastic! It was well-run and organized. The bar located in the hostel was not rowdy, but a nice place to spend the evening with other hostel-folks. The sleeping quarters and restrooms were clean and comfortable and I met lots of great people!

City Hostel Seattle

Seattle, USA

Great hostel! I stayed in the private double room that had lots of hotdogs on the walls. Very clean, efficiently run and fantastic location. My sister and I walked all over Seattle from here.

Green ManGO Hostel

Moscow, Russia

It's a nice hostel. It appears to be a converted apartment, so definitely on the small side - which I like. The folks who stayed here were mostly Russian. The place was kept fairly tidy and the Wi-fi access was also nice. When I was there I think one of the restrooms was under renovation. The staff, when available, was very nice and helpful. I would stay here again if I'm visiting Moscow. Thanks!

Swiss 1291 Hostel

New York, USA

This place was awesome! Susan helped out with particulars and the accommodations couldn't have been better. I was set-up in the apartment and the facilities were very clean, comfortable and spacious. If I come back to New York I would definitely stay here again!

Sydney Central YHA

Sydney, Australia

This place is right next to the Central train station and just about a block and a half from Paddy\'s Markets. The staff is very professional and this modern skyrise is a world away from most other hostels. Pool on the 9th floor and the kitchen reminds me a bit of a cafeteria.

Coolangatta Sands Hostel

Coolangatta, Australia

This place was really quiet when I stayed because it was off season, but that doesn\'t keep the surfers away. I think that when it\'s summertime the place really kicks it up a notch and can generate quite the party. Be wary if you\'re looking for a quiet night\'s rest because on certain days you can here EVERYTHING that\'s going on in the bar downstairs. Other than that, excellent kitchen facilities, nice balcony (common space for backpackers), and Byron\'s great.

The Northern Greenhouse

Cairns, Australia

This place was so good I ended up extending my stay for 3 more when I got back from Cape Tribulation. Hostels are probably exceptionally clean because of the professional staff they employ and if you have any questions about travel, the travel desk is quite a stunner! I booked my Daintree/Cape Tribulation trip which included kayaking and diving and the travel agent was really helpful. She worked overtime to get me exactly what i wanted. Thanks Northern Greenhouse!

Alice Lodge Backpackers

Alice Springs, Australia

Simple, Clean, quiet and comfortable. Staff was very helpful in booking tours and such. I walked around at night with 3 other people and didn\'t have a problem. Free internet is an added bonus.

Freeman Lodge

Melbourne, Australia

Bob is awesome! He really cares about who stays here. For example, he made a bunch of phone calls to make sure I got on a Phillip Island tour that I had only told him about the night before! I also got to tag along with Christine to the local vegetable market where lots of the local produce are a lot cheaper than in the stores. The people who stay here are great. It\'s not the place for party-somethings, but a great place if you enjoy a nice, cosy and quiet place.


Merida, Mexico

hammocks!!! This place has a great lazy feel about it...some of the rooms are a bit dark and dank so stay out in the communal areas


Paris, France

Great for the budget traveller. I must admit we had our doubts when we saw the place, but it's perfectly suitable and nicer than quite a few of the hostel options in Paris. The room was always cleaned (with fresh towels) for each day we stayed there although the bed covers looked a bit ragged. The hotel is out of the city proper but what's nice about that is that the cafes are a bit cheaper and it's pretty close to the Jaures Metro stop.

Douarskoll Guesthouse

Marrakech, Morocco

Great overall experience on our trip through the Western Med. Mohammad is very freindly and makes a killer mint tea. The location is great! It's just 5 minutes away from the medina and facilities are very nice. We stayed in the smallest of the 4 rooms (the one with the double bed), and still found it quite comfortable, although i'd recommend dishing out a couple more bucks for one of the other rooms. Michele, the owner, is also quite helpful. Breakfast was very nice. We'd stay here again.


If you arrive in Palermo Central Station, take the Metro regional train toward Punto Raisi and stop at T. Natale. You must buy the tickets at the tabachi. Once you get off the train, walk towards the main street and take bus 628 and stop at the turnaround. Ask the bus driver to stop at the hostel if you are in doubt. The location is actually quite lovely. There's a nice bar on site, the hostel has their own private beach and the atmosphere is unbeatable. HOWEVER, we stayed during high summer and the rooms (which in cooler conditions would be a much different experience i'm sure) were poorly ventilated and the heat was almost unbearable. We left the windows open and were then eaten alive by the mosquitoes. All this place needed was a fan in the room and i'm sure we'd be raving, but to be quite honest we didn't get a wink of sleep.

Catania City Center

Catania, Italy

This place was by far the best place i stayed at in the Western Med. Valentina was extremely helpful in going over a map of the city with us and pointing out the different places for food and fun, the rooms are THEMED!!! We got the St. Agatha room and it was awesome (airconditioned, spacious and colorful...sleeps 4) Also, there's free internet and our breakfast was made even more pleasant because Aga was there to make espresso for us. We were able to arrange an excursion to Mt. Etna from CCC with Roberto and Marco (who are awesome and knowledgeable....caves, alcantara, and lava flow.......who could ask for more?) It's about a 10 minute walk towards the city sites. I highly recommend this place and would stay again in a heartbeat! Just double-check the phone number with their website.

Venice Rooms

Venice, Italy

This bed and breakfast is pretty nice. Out of the city proper but the bus goes straight into the city. I'd recommend this place.

Venice Rooms

Venice, Italy

This place is a nice option for the budget traveller. The directions are good, but "sideways" means to the right on another street named via casona (the stop is on the main "via casona"...remember the second stop). It's clean and you have access to the kitchen. Utilize the supermarket across the street...we prepared dinner for two with tortellini, wine, bread, gelato and pizza margherita for about 8 euro. The area is very residential, but the bus makes it easy to travel into the city. I'd stay here again!


This is a very good hostel with friendly staff and nice facilities. a pizza was only 5 euro and you get three toppings. Also i think the staff is quite receptive to the people who stay here and it was a very good hostelling experience. the Hostel is a bit out of the city proper but the buses are easy to use and they pick you up from the bus stop.

Kawaguchi-ko Station Inn

Mount Fuji, Japan

The staff was very helpful *they let us leave our bags after we had checked out so we could check out mt fuji*. The front desk man was nice and the hotel is located directly across from the train station. There is also a 7-eleven about two blocks down. Our room had a very nice view of mount fuji, set aside the fact that there were telephone lines tainting the view. Our biggest complaint was that the entire floor smelled of smoke, but this may be due to us getting a smoking floor for checking in late.