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Location: USA, Age: 39

Masada Backpacker

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

I loved this place. It is perfectly located right by the airport bus and minibus station, etc... The staff were really nice and always cleaning, very clean place. The air con made it very comfortable. The free breakfast was nice and the free coffee was excellent. The free use of computers was also very nice. There are 3 wifi signals. Best of all no bedbugs. It was not a party hostel and was quiet for the most part, but people were still friendly and went out. It really is the best hostel in KK.

Backpackers on Castle

Cape Town, South Africa

There were hairs on my bed and I got bit by bedbugs. The common room and bar are lacking.

Santiago Backpackers

Santiago, Chile

The hostel was in a very nice building and had a great location. There was a real social feel there. The staff were really cool and exceptionally helpful, especially Cameron. Terramoto night was great!!!

Hostel Empedrado

Mendoza, Argentina

This was a very nice hostel with a great staff!

Hostel de la Viuda

Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

The hostel is beautiful. Everybody there is very friendly and kind. I really felt like I had rented a house with my family and friends for a vacation. There was a real sense of togetherness there. It is a bit far from the beach at about 400 meters (definitely walkable though), but being away from the touristy part of town was very relaxing and made those at the hostel come together even more.


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