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Peniche Surf Lodge

Peniche, Portugal

Great place to stay n surf

Ecotrip Hostel Ubatuba

Ubatuba, Brazil

No customer comment

Pousada do Lucas

Trindade, Brazil

gr8 location, great views of beach from bedroom window

Walk On The Beach Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

very good hostel and great staff....... be careful if walking back to hostel at night

The LightHouse

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Silvia is very nice and helpful

Cable Beach Backpackers

Broome, Australia

The french receptionist was really rude and unhelpful. The rest of the staff were lovely.

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Hi Kevin I'm so sorry you had a negative experience with our part-time receptionist. The only reason I can come up with is that she is in the process of leaving and you might have caught her at a bad moment! There is no excuse for rudeness though and I hope you remember us for being a fun, relaxed and friendly backpackers! Kind regards Jocelyn Vuletic

Lemon Spirit Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

good place , gr8 staff and owners

HI Holandes

Ilha Grande, Brazil

a good, relaxed, clean hostel............ only 2 complaints a bit far frm town centre and mosquitos will kill u here......

Studio Beach Hostel

Ilha Grande, Brazil

In fairness a good hostel, good location, gr8 breakfast, spacious 4bed rooms wit air con BUT BEWARE OF HOSTELS THAT REQUEST PAYMENT IN USA DOLLAR BECAUSE THEIR EXCHANGE RATE IS TERRIBLE..................... eg. this hostels exchange rate was 1USD = 1.80Br Reais.............................. the market rate is 1USD = 1.67Br Reais (it does make a BIG difference)

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again another comment about the exchange rate, which hostelwold requested confirmation of booking, the remainder is in real, not U.S. dollars, to avoid this type of comment, (I am with this comment stealing my guests), I think everybody in your reservation should give more attention hostelwold exchange official, requesting payment in the currency, the parents visited, not in its currency of your country of origin

Che Lagarto Hostel Paraty

Paraty, Brazil

THIS IS NOT A CHEAP HOSTEL BECAUSE THEIR DOLLAR TO BR REAIS IS RIDICULOUS (DO THE MATHS URSELF???) CHE LAGARTO PARATY 1USD = 2.1 BR REAIS CURRENT RATE 1USD = 1.67 BR REAIS Hostels that request payments in USD are ROBBING backpackers when they then exchange the total cost to BR REAIS....... THIEFS ALso the hostel was filthy dirty and we cudnt use the shower cause der was too much cholrine in da water - made us physically sick.

Che Lagarto Hostel Paraty

Paraty, Brazil

Our trip to Paraty was miserable because we stayed in this DIRTY,overcrowed dump 1)horrible dirty toilets, rooms, common room 2)filthy dirty swimming pool 3)we stayed in 6bed dorm, but every night der was 7 people frm differnt dorms stayin in our room (probably not payin for a room?) an nobody did anything about it? 4) lazy and rude staff, except for brazilian barman 5) horrible breakfast, filthy dirty plates etc 6) our shower had 2 much chlorine in it and we kept gettin sick an cudnt use it


Galway, Ireland

smallest corridor dorm (6 bed) rooms ever - disgraceful size and dangerous