Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Canadian, Age: 29

El Misti House

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Great staff and fun atmosphere! The room we were staying in was very smelly. Also, we booked the hostel based on the fact that there was air conditioning. When we came in to check the room at the beginning of our stay we were told that the aircon gets turned on at night but is off during the day. This was not true. The aircon has not worked in the room as long as anyone could remember. It was very hot at night (and the unpleasant smell didn't really help).

Kariok Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Very clean and chic place. No aircon so really very hot.

Hostel Kiev Backpackers

Kiev, Ukraine

very clean and comfy! great find for the price!


A little hard to find, but otherwise very clean. The aircon was amazing!


Berlin, Germany

it's very far away from everything BUT it's cheap and clean and the beds were comfy.

Hotel Mikado

Osaka, Japan

Great! You got your own room

Manila Bay Hostel

Manila, Philippines

it was cheap and close to everything. thanks!

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Thanks to our Canadian guests for saying Manila Bay Hostel is "close to everything" and "cheap prices", we are indeed in the best prime location only few minutes walking distance from historic sites, the Manila Bay, parks, night-life, entertainment, all kinds of great fun! Cleanliness always is very important for Manila Bay Hostel. Sorry there were some ants in the bathroom, we immediately checked and realized that a teen-aged tourist had eaten chocolate and threw his chocolate wrapper in the window of a bathroom, causing some ants there. We sincerely apologize! We cleaned up that chocolate wrapper, no more ants, and we shall advise other guests to please only throw papers etc. into the waste baskets or trash cans. Thank you for your valid complaint helping us find out the minor problem and solving it immediately, thanks!!! Once again, the young English-speaking staff and me the owner of Manila Bay Hostel wish to express our thanks and our sincere apology also to you. Thanks for coming! Cheers. Warmest best regards from all of us We hope to add more excitement, great fun to Manila Bay Hostel, and we are grateful with your support and with all the international guests from all over the world coming here! :)


great stay. the staff knew everything about the area. trust them!

Momotown Hostel

Krakow, Poland

love the magazines all over the walls, very inventive!


awesome view from the windows!! and good priced drinks.