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City Hostel

St. John's, Canada

They didn't have a bed for me when I arrived but they turned the common room into a bedroom so I got a single room for a day! Nice staff and worked out great.

Encore Express Hotel/Hostel

San Francisco, USA

Dorm accommodation was occupied by 2 other old, *smelly* guys who were living there long term, had stuff lying around everywhere, and did not wear shirts. Would be nice if they had separate youth dorm rooms for travellers. Shower forced all the water out of the centre hole and was like a jet blast rather than a shower. No recycle bins. Had to lug my things elsewhere to recycle.

USA Hostels San Francisco

San Francisco, USA

A little on the pricey side but clean and nice. Finally, a place that gets it and gives you lockers and power outlets INSIDE the locker.

Canadiana Backpackers Inn

Toronto, Canada

No lockers if you arrive early, just a room Bedside does not have sockets Otherwise great place, friendly staff, no problems

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Thanks for your review. We do have a full storage room with lockers that you can lock your bags in if you arrive early you just need your own padlock. We also sell padlocks at the front desk.

Beary Nice! by a beary good hostel

Singapore, Singapore

Really nothing to complain about, second time I stayed there and everything is basically perfect. Only thing I wish is that there were (1) recycle bins (so I don't have to lug my plastic bottles, paper, etc. a couple blocks to recycle them) (2) place to hand-wash and air-dry clothes but otherwise everything was excellent, and most importantly it was clean.

Beary Nice! by a beary good hostel

Singapore, Singapore

Was on a stopover in Singapore for a couple of days. I used to intern in Singapore so I'm extremely familiar with the city. Great hostel, fabulous location (2 min walk from Chinatown MRT, 10 min walk from Outram Park). Had everything done just perfectly ... *outlets near each bed*, *free wifi*, *24-hour reception*, electronic card entry, linens provided, clean shower, decent sized lockers (bring your own lock). the only thing i wish it had that it didn't was reading lights near each bed, but that's a rea

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Thanks Dheera! Glad you had a nice stay with us. =) Ps: we have plenty of reading lights actually. They are available from the counter for free... be sure to ask from our friendly hosts the next time you stay with us. cheerio!

Sports Hotel

Hue, Vietnam

overall great, but it's a hotel not a hostel so if you are looking to meet other travellers, you won't. however, it is clean and the staff is nice.

Dai Long Hotel

Hoi An, Vietnam

clean toilet and shower, nice staff, free internet. only downside is it's a hotel and has no lounges so if you're trying to meet other travellers, you won't.

Red Palm

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

great place to stay... no complaints.

The Hive Singapore Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

Free internet was good, the beds were clean, but the bathroom was filthy, dirty, and there were roaches in the shower and toilet. the bathroom was not modern at all. Security was poor because there was only one big room and no key for the room, it was just left open all the time. Kitchen had no sink.

Hostel Mostel

Sofia, Bulgaria

awesome hostel, and they arrange daytrips to rila monastery and vitosha (although expensive for bulgarian standards at ~15euro, it's quite hard to get to those places by public transport anyway) the hostel people were really nice and there is a nice common room to chat and watch movies. 3 internet stations, free to use. it's a little hard to find the hostel door at first but just look carefully when you arrive, it's a small metal door and you have to buzz in the first time you arrive.

Friends Hostel Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania

close to main train station which is good. getting to the hostel at night could be sketchy because of packs of stray dogs, but that's a problem in all of bucharest so try not to arrive alone at night. a little hard to find because there is no sign, but the lady came and greeted me. staff was nice and the bathrooms were at least clean, only problem is there isn't a nice lounge to hang out and talk (they were just playing drinking games downstairs)

Fluxus Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

extremely clean, all new-looking ikea furniture, relaxed and spacious rooms with table-lamps if you need your own personal lighting. only downside is the security isn't great -- they do have a receptionist, but the rooms themselves have no locks.

HI Washington DC

Washington DC, USA

Forgot my HI card, but the guy at the front desk made me pay the $3 fine. I know it's policy, but it would be nice if people, especially those getting a standard per-hour pay rate to man the front desk, were a little human and excused people for things like that, because he's not personally getting my $3. Otherwise it's overall fine. Free wireless is very slow but it works. Bed seemed clean. No source of free drinking water and the kitchen tap tasted horrible.

HI San Francisco - Downtown

San Francisco, USA

the hostel worked as a place to stay and was in an excellent location. however, "free breakfast" means "hard bagels without cream cheese" and "pay for everything else". really, just don't bother and eat nice fresh bread at any cafe in SF and forget breakfast at the hostel unless it can be made any better. internet access isn't free like it is in other good hostels. also, a major inconvenience was the sinks being outside, not inside, the bathrooms. the toilets in the hallways should have sinks (they don't).

Gardette Park Hotel

Paris, France

the hostel was good, although the directions are difficult to understand. i had to ask 5 or 6 people for directions before getting there. for your reference, when you are on the Boulevard, you pass the "big church" on your left. there are small streets on either side of this church. you need to take the small street on the immediate right of the church as you face the church. then Rue d'General Blaise is on the 2nd right or so on that street. A map may be helpful to post online... otherwise, nice place and inexpensive!