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West Side YMCA

New York, USA

I love staying here. The location is unbelievable. I love that I can wake up and literally cross the street and go for a walk in central park, or walk a block and grab breakfast at Wholefoods. Every subway line is there too. It can't be beat. The rooms are small, but there's satellite TV and A/C. I would, however, recommend paying the extra few dollars for the upgraded floors. They seem to be quieter and more comfortable. Love that the pool and gym are free to use too. Best value in NYC!

Hostel Postel

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Lovely place, like home. The kitchen and sitting room are so comfortable and clean. And the outdoor area is really nice and relaxing.

Hostel Santini Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Best hostel in Prague. It's run with the efficiency and professionalism of a hotel, and with the friendliness of a B n B. the staff are all amazing. The rooms are spotless and soooo comfortable. I love that the wi-fi actually works in the rooms, not just the lobby. The location is perfect. Can't say enough about this place.

SG 1 Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Good for transit stays of a night. Location is awesome. The layout of the rooms is such that all windows open to a common courtyard, where people smoke...not good if you don't smoke. Can be a bit noisy too. Only one shower/ toilet for all dorm rooms is crazy.

Hostel Blues

Bratislava, Slovakia

The staff here are amazing. Friendly and informative. The rooms were spotless and comfortable. I wouldn't recommend staying in 'Moscow' only because it's on the 1 st floor, and the street noise is quite loud in the morning. Loved that they have do-it-yourself laundry facilities. Overall I'd definitely stay there again.

Hostel Santini Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Perfect location midway between the castle and the old town. Rooms were spotless and comfortable. Staff was super friendly. The only glitch was that I had to move twice during my stay, but I got upgraded for free, so it was all good.

International House Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

This is a hostel in a great location, that's noisy- but that's life if you want to be where the action is. But put in earplugs, and you're fine. Staff is pretty hands off- not too much help or direction from them. No kitchen was a pain, since there wasn't a breakfast. The bathrooms are small, and only one per floor. But I never had to wait. Showers need to be cleaned more often. Beds were clean and comfy with a good fan and lockers. I'd stay there again for sure, mostly for the location.


Ohrid, Macedonia

This is not a social networking place, it's a private home. If you're looking to party, this isn't for you. If you're looking for a quiet place to relax, this is a great place. The location is outstanding, with a huge balcony overlooking everything. The scenery is spectacular. Kitchen facilities are minimal, so don't expect to do much cooking. Rooms are good, clean, and well kept. The "staff" stay out of your way, so it's really like having your own home. I'd definitely stay here again.


Skopje, Macedonia

Make sure you get very good directions because the hostel can be hard to find, but it is very close to the bus and train stations. Overall, this place is awesome. The staff are super helpful, and alot of fun. There's a great vibe to this place that's not quite "party" but overall very social. I'd definitely stay here again.

Rolling Stone Hostel

Brasov, Romania

The hosts in this hostel are fantastic, giving the best 5 minute tour of Brasov. Very clean, with a great energy to it. Overall I'd recomend it to anyone heading that way.

Wo Jia Lodge

Kuching, Malaysia

This is a new place so I realize they're in the process of making improvements as they go along. But they really need a woman's touch- and sense of cleanliness. I signed up for a dorm bed, and got a private room- in the basement. They don't have dorms. It was loud, like elephants walking on my head, but not bad at night. The bedding is sparce and the rooms could use a coat of paint and some decor. the lounge area was very nice, and the showers were good too. But the mosquitoes were savage.

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Comments and criticisms are much appreciated especially those that could help our hostel improve our services to our guests . The dorm she booked was rm15 only per bed (USD4.9) . Instead of a dorm we upgrade her with no EXTRA COST to choose between a single bed/aircon (rm30)or a queen size/fan bed with window (rm50) as she was a single traveler and we had no travelers booking to stay in a dorm bed during her stay . We admit there are noise at some room at the ground floor due to the wooden flooring at the 1st floor when people walk during the day time but elephant walking is exaggerating . We offer another room single aircon room without the wooden flooring at the top which would be no noise or the queen size fan/window room at the top floor but she refuse it but instead requested for a queen size /aircon with glass window.(rm60 our usual charge) . I offer a discount of rm40 but she complained it was way too expensive. As for her complained about the savage mosquitoes . We offer a mosquitoes netting on the window and she claimed the mosquitoes love her so much that the mosquitoes would wait for her to open the door, sneaked in, hide and bite her when she sleep. We offer free mosquitoes repellants and she claimed it is bad for her skin. We offer mosquitoes coil she claimed bad for her health . We burn mosquitoes coil nightly on the common room and open air well and use insecticide at times. As for some rooms needing some decoration another guest had suggested that as well and we are looking to hang some painting soon .Point noted and appreciated. We had lost half of our in house slippers and some china wares since we open . We are now sourcing for some pictures of Sarawak place of attraction at reasonable price . As for cleanliness , previous reviews would speak volume regarding our views to provide a clean and hygienic environment . we would seek to improve and maintain our standard. Here is her other complains and activities during her 4 night stay here. Requested for an airport transfer to our guesthouse and we picked her up and she did not pay for it. Requested to stop by for coffee and took her to one of Kuching famous Borneo Gourmet coffee which was recommended in Malaysia leading magazines . Complained to the owner that the coffee is not what she expected or not like a donkin donut coffee. Complained that local tour to longhouses and cultural village are way too expensive and discriminate single traveler . Breakfast specifically consist of bread with kaya / butter but she took the milk and cereal in the fridge that belong to someone else without permission .Make a phone call using our guesthouse telephone and using our internet without paying. We look forward to the reviews of other guests that book through this website during her stay.

Rose Home Stay

Agra, India

Nicest couple in India! Will make you feel at home.

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Thanks very much for your wonderful comment From: Amit & Ruchi

Citadel Youth Hostel

Jerusalem, Israel

This is my home away from home. I always stay here. Love it.

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chantal.... we love you toooo :) chris

Hathor Hotel

Aswan, Egypt

The signage was difficult to see, but not impossible. LOVE the kitty!


This place is immaculate and quiet. If you're looking for a place to be left alone in a comfortable, serene setting, this is it. It's NOT a party palace. It is a little out of the way, but for $0.60 you can get anywhere downtown. The staff is good if you need them, otherwise, they leave you alone. I'd definitely go back.

Love Lane Inn

Penang, Malaysia

The rooms on the first floor are only tolerable if you're a sound sleeper and don't mind sharing your bed with bedbugs. I killed at least 2 dozen of them in one night. Didn't sleep a wink. The staff was unprepared for our arrival, but Mr Jimmy was great. He tried to make up for the mixup, but I wouldn't stay there again for free.