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Portal del Sur

Buenos Aires, Argentina

It's the second time we stayed at Portal Del Sur and the vibe is great. If you're a couple, the private ensuite is good and the location and facilities (roof-top bar, breakfast included) can't be beat. The staff is really helpful too.

The Towne Hotel

Nassau, Bahamas

The place was nice enough; I changed to Towne after staying at a resort. You can't get more central in Nassau. They charge your credit card for your stay before you arrive and you only pay the taxes and $6 fee per night in cash. Room was clean enough, but I saw the largest cockroach in the kitchen when I went for breakfast. There are cockroaches in other places on New Providence, but the fact that I saw it in the kitchen turned me off the breakfast which was included. Staff was nice!

All Days Hostel

Toronto, Canada

This place was very close to Sherbourne Station and the Village. Check in is after noon no matter what you put as your arrival time. Staff is usually not on site so you have to call on the red phone out front. We arrived super early and ended up crashing on the couches in the common room and slept until it was time to check in. Lots of showers, clean kitchen, iron, maps, etc. Not a real place to meet others or get tonnes of info on what to do in Toronto if you don't know, but great for us!

North Borneo Cabin

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Central location with friendly and helpful staff. Dorm rooms were clean and there was plenty of hot water. DVDs, kitchen and free internet, breakfast, luggage storage were all bonuses!

B&B Inn

Kuching, Malaysia

Great place to stay and really central and cheap! Definitely would recommend!

Ringos Foyer Guest House

Melaka, Malaysia

Ringo\'s was a great place to stay except for the BEDBUGS in the dorm room \'7Up\'! Over like 80 bites that are itching like hell right now. Staff was super helpful when they were around, which was not always. Lockers that didn\'t lock and no key for dorm room, but location was great and DVD player and roof top were nice. The staff didn\'t know as much as they let on, and getting a bus late at night to KLIA should be done with lots of time to spare and with the aid of a taxi to Sentral.

The Urban Age

Bangkok, Thailand

The staff were super helpful and a wealth of information. They even called my next hostel to book for me! Really positive experience. Will stay there again!

Kowloon Budget Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The hostel is no oasis, but the location is great being on Nathan St. The dorm room was tiny, many people complained about bugs... of the bed or cockroach variety, but at the price you are paying, what do you expect.


The staff was super perky and friendly but a bit useless when it came to helping with information about tickets to HK. Also, the military was doing exercises for October 1st and many sites were closed, but they really had no clue what was going on. Power outaged for a day wasnt so great either and HUGE DIRTY construction along the main road of the hostel. Nice location otherwise. Lockers didnt lock and door to the dorm was often impossible to lock. Would consider staying there again.

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Hello Thank you for your comments. We can help you arrange train or flight tickets to Hong Kong. Perhaps our staff did not understand your request - so sorry for that! Before the October 1st holiday there were rehearsals which effected the traffic and road system in Beijing. When we heard any news we put a sign in the bar and on the notice-board. We are sorry if you did not see this. The road construction can be avoided, as can be seen on our free local area map. The electric-cut was due to the road construction, sorry that we could not avoid it. We will soon get new lockers - right now we tell guests to leave their valuables at reception. We are also changing all the door-locks that have problems - thank you for letting us know. We hope to see you next time as your next stay should be much better :) Kind regards Emperor Guesthouse

Shanghai Koala Garden House

Shanghai, China

Although it's not at the centre of the action in Shanghai, I really liked staying here. Dorm room was better than I expected for the price and the staff was really helpful. Really liked the atmosphere. I'll stay here again! Tourist info kiosk nearby subway station was a plus for booking train tickets!

Soggiorno Pitti

Florence, Italy

Room was really warm durning the day and evening and the ceilings were really low, but otherwise, it was all good!

Dubrovnik Youth Service

Dubrovnik, Croatia

All accomodation is outside of the Old Town and about a 20 minute walk. When I arrived they picked me up from the Bus station which was cool. I was expecting a hostel (maybe cos I forgot what I booked really) and ended up staying in a family house in one of their many apartments. Great view from the terrace in my room and they will cook for you as well. The excursions to Mostar and Sarajevo seemed like a great deal, but I had just come from there so I didn't need to do them. The family spoke minimal English, but we worked things out. I had to wait until 6PM to get into my room cos Sergio, the guy who you never see, but runs the Youth Service, messed up on my room. But afterwards I got into a 4 person private with a terrace and ensuite bathroom and kitchenette, so all was good in the long run!

Hostel Ljubicica

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Bathroom was a bit of a cess pool and the WC had no toilet seat. The room I stayed in was incredibly damp and humid and really small. They have accomodation all over the city, so who knows if it was just my room or all rooms are like that. They emailed me and confirmed my pick up at the bus station outside of the city, but were a no show. They ended up giving me a discount instead on the room, so it was all kosher in the end.


I lived in Austria for a year and when going back this summer I decided to try Wombat's and was not disappointed! It has to be one of the most mod, hip hostels with all the creature comforts! A great place to explore Vienna from and really beats the competition by Mariahilfestrasse (HI hostel Myrthengasse where I used to stay). Definitely stay here if you can!!!!

The Stranger Hostel Wroclaw

Wroclaw, Poland

The hostel was really close to the train station and a main road, so it was a bit noisy in summer when the windows were open to let some air in. I had earplugs and could still hear buses and what not. Other than that, the hostel rocked! They have a movie room and are really helpful when it comes to telling you what to do in the town.


One of the nicest hostels I've stayed in... The birds outside in the court yard can be a bit loud, but its a lot better than someone snoring!

Perfect Hostel

Paris, France

The staff was great and even gave us 2 bottles of wine. The location near Sacre Coeur was great to get to pretty much anywhere in the city via metro. The rooms were clean and great.

Astor Victoria

London, England

eventhough, I wasn't worried about security, they didn't have a key to give me and the door didn't lock. everyone was great though, and i'd def stay again

J&G Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

The directions given on the website aren´t the greatest on how to get to the hostel, but it is simple enough. When I finally got there, the front door was jammed, the interior of the building the hostel was absolutely disgusting, but when I got into the hostel it was clean and seemed relatively nice with a kitchen and a TV room. Upon arrival, I was told by another backpacker that 2 girls had just gotten their cameras and wallets stolen while on the street of the hostel, which was very reassuring. I had booked in a double room, but found myself on a cot with what was a poor excuse for a matress with 2 other people on bunk beds. In the middle of the night, one of the staff entered the room and kicked out the screen on the window that was above my cot so he could climb out the window and climb into another room of which the door was jammed. Then after him followed 2 girls who also stepped over me and my little cot to get out of the window. The next morning there was no hot water and I had to take a cold shower in a bathroom that was less than desirable. I've been to many hostels and I have to say that this one wasn´t one of the best. The staff were of little help on how to get to the train station and were even harder to find when it was time to check out. Although centrally located by Las Ramblas, my next stay in Barcelona, I will be STAYING AWAY from J&G Hostel.