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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 33

Jacobs Inn

Dublin, Ireland

This was a really disappointing hostel mainly on account of the staff. Except for a few helpful staff, the rest were unhelpful and even condescending, far from the friendliness Ireland is known for. One guy at the reception literally told me "the answer to your question is so obvious I can't even address it". While having to change rooms every single night was an annoying challenge, the staff's overall attitude was just plain upsetting. Of all the hostels I've rated, this one came out the lowest

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Oh gosh , we are so sorry to hear this. Our staff normally come out so well on reviews so we will look into this and do what we can to ensure greater consistency. We will email you directly


A really lovely place in the middle of Gulin. The staff was eager to help despite some occasional communication breakdowns.

Where 2 Next

Manila, Philippines

Really nice, comfortable place to stay and hide from the challenges of Manila. The common room has a nice social atmosphere that encourages meeting other travelers.

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Hi, Thank you very much for your review. We are glad you enjoyed your stay with us. W2N Hostel Management

Masada Backpacker

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

This is the sort of place I have in mind when I imagine a proper youth hostel. The design encourages people to socialize, the staff is trained to give the information we all need, solid breakfast, clean, etc. Highly recommend while in KK.

Marco Polo

Kuching, Malaysia

Overall I had a really nice stay, but I think the place could use a sprucing up cosmetically. It's a shame about the back-door entrance near the restaurant's kitchen, and honestly I found the other end of town much nicer. However, with this said, this was the first hostel on my 3-week trip where I found the guests and staff all interacting on the patio with one another, the way hostels used to be before wi-fi (to be clear, there is a good wifi signal here, too!) I have very fond memories here.

PODs The Backpackers Home

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I really enjoyed the concept of this hostel, but the execution is rather poor. The location is truly unbeatable, and the common room/lounge has all thebackpacker needs. Upstairs it's a different story. It's not that the pods lack privacy but rather sound-proofing, so those giggling girls or that guy who wrapped all his laundry in plastic bags will still disturb your sleep even if you ha a private room. The beds are mere mattresses, and the showers achieve the "rustic" look they're looking for.

Cameronian Inn

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Apparently this place has a great reputation. I'll admit the breakfast, though not included, was delicious. The girl at the reception asked me, rather than told me, how much money I owed. She proceeded to say, "well, most everyone pays this amount, so I guess you do too". Also, the place is in need of some cosmetic work. If you're in a room near the toilets, they run rather noisily throughout the night. Also they should rethink the hallway's halogen light staying on throughout the night.

Red Inn Court

Penang, Malaysia

This place was nice enough. They have a good eye for esthetics but the dorm rooms are crapped. I think even Spiderman himself would have a hard time getting up to the top bunk.

The Hostel

Jackson Hole, USA

Despite my above-average ratings, I was quite happy with this lcoation. Hostels in the American rural West aren't common, but they do a real nice job here in Teton Village/Jackson. Really I couldn't have asked for better.


This hostel was really nice. Convivial atmosphere, enthusiastic staff, good facilities for luggage storage, kitchen, etc. However, it will also go down in history as the moment at which I realized I'm too old for hosteling after being put in a dorm with five exchange students with two large suitcases each--there was literally no space left on the floor for walking. Unlucky for me...

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We’re glad to hear you found your stay at Ocean Island friendly, welcoming, and well equipped! Our goal at Ocean Island is to ensure we have everything a guest might need, so that you can spend your time exploring Victoria. We’re sorry to hear you found your room small, but hope this hasn’t deterred you from backpacking in the future - backpacking is a way of life suitable to all ages, and we hope you continue to backpack for many years to come! Ocean Island

Eco Resort Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The beautiful 25m pool is the selling point for this place, but it's basically located in a suburb. Furthermore, there's a lot more concrete than the name "Eco" would imply. I would recommend staying closer to the city (it's easily 45 mins walking) but visiting the pool for $3.

Singharat Guest House

Luang Prabang, Laos

This place was fine but a little out-of-the-way, which is kind of bogus for me to even mention since LP is all of 1.5 Kms wide. Otherwise it's a fine place tho not exceptional in any way.

iHouse Residence

Vientiane, Laos

Truly excellent location--can't be beat in that sense. However the room was small with no window and the bed took up nearly all the floorspace so I had to unpack my suitcase on the bed. Also the bathroom had bad mildew.

Hanoi Ciao Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

The rooms are adequate and competitive with the many hotels on this block. The difference here, though, is that staff went above and beyond the call of duty to help make my stay in Hanoi enjoyable.

Town House 50 Saigon

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The staff here really stood out. They were friendly, hospitable and helpful. Also they designers have a real eye for aesthetics. Lovely place overall!

Hostal Moratin

Valencia, Spain

This couldn't be any closer to the center (Plaza del Ayuntamiento). Also, the owner was very warm, friendly, personable and eager to help with directions, etc.

Giramundo Hostel

Ibiza, Spain

This hostel was entirely acceptable, but didn't exceed expectations in any way.

Revolutum Hostel

Salamanca, Spain

Despite being low season, this place was really extemely clean, centrally located and fun. It's worth noting that the staff went out of its way to help me book my onward bus ticket and give me other information about Salamanca. I highly recommend Revolutum.

High 5 Hostel

Gdansk, Poland

A lot of thought went into making it a social place where it's easy to meet up with other travelers. I was in the "Deluxe" part of the establishment, and it was quite nice.

Boogie Hostel

Wroclaw, Poland

No customer comment

Greg & Tom Hostel

Krakow, Poland

No complaints whatsoever. Really appreciated the proximity to train/bus station and the free meals.

Hollywood Home Hostel

Lviv, Ukraine

This hostel was totally correct--generally comfortable but far from outstanding. The guy at the reception did his best to advise me and the other guests.

Hobo Bear Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

This hostel is very well thought out and runs smoothly thanks to a great staff. The pillows and mattresses were kind of laughable, but otherwise I was very happy with my stay here.

Dubrovnik Backpackers Club

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The other reviews accurately name all the benefits of DBC, but I do think it's important to mention the drawbacks. First I'd booked a 4-person dorm and was placed in a 7-bed dorm for the same price. The owner said it's the same price because the room is larger (as it should be!!) Secondly, after 10 it's not possible to read on the patio while enjoying the breeze and peace/quiet since they're afraid you'll make noise. Ultimately, it's hard to justify the prices they're charging.

New Age Sarajevo

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

This place was average at best, no more than an individuals apartment converted into a hoste.. The staff was extremely helpful; Id say thats the best aspect. The rooms are very cramped and the location... well, you would never find it on your own so request a transfer if you can.

Celica Art Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

This place is truly exceptional as far as hostels are concerned. Lots of nice ammenities, like all-you-can-eat buffet. The design of my room was unique, but impractical. I dont think theres any better option in Lj.

Apple Hostels of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, USA

Great hostel, but 24 beds in the male dorm is a lot, especially if you assume 1/4 of them are snoring.


Toronto, Canada

No customer comment


This was the friendliest staff I've ever encountered. Bravo! However, the rooms were a little spartan, and the bathrooms were lacking in just about everything: handsoap, hooks in the shower room for towels/clothes, and I never did manage to get hot water. Some carpeting might reduce the echoes in the hallway. Location-wise: the UWS is kind of far from everything and a very quiet neighborhood, but if you're looking for some quiet in the city (and park accessibility) this is the place.


Location, location, location--doesn't get better than this in the city! Beyond that, the staff was friendly (well, friendlier than the last time), perfectly clean and had the necessary amenities. Not the place to come and meet new people, though.

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Thank you for your review!

Agora Hostel and Guesthouse

Istanbul, Turkey

This is my second time at the Agora, and my 2nd time giving it a 100%. The staff at the Agora really goes out of their way to make one's stay comfortable and enjoyable. Their mattresses and pillows are more comfortable than mine at home. It's hard to imagine a hostel being any better!


Tel Aviv, Israel

I was amazed by the city of Tel Aviv, but this place is a dingy embarassment. To their credit, the staff is helpful and friendly, but the establishment itself lacks what's necessary for a comfortable stay.

Agora Hostel and Guesthouse

Istanbul, Turkey

No customer comment

Posada los Mapaches

Tulum, Mexico

No customer comment


Merida, Mexico

Judging by the pool, the lighting and some other features, this place could rival some luxury establishments. A nice social ambiance due to the set-up.

Hostel Inn Zona Rosa

Mexico City, Mexico

Located at the heart of ZR nightlife, but that`s about it`s only redeeming feature.


For some unexplained reason, they require passports of US Citizens. Still can't figure out why...

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Thank you for staying with us! We chose to ask for passports for security reasons. Most hostels in NYC do the same. It is mentioned on the property description of the website.


The mattresses were VERY uncomfortable (springs poking through). Also, saw a cockroach and a mouse in the dorm room itself... yuck!

Newtons Roof Top Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rooftop hostel with no view. Rooms and bathroom not cleaned thoroughly. Dorm rooms small, sheets don't fit the beds. The guys at reception are fun, though, if you can get them chatting!

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We totaly disagree wtih your comments ! ! ! about the sheet small you fell insede the room problably was you that broth from the street a sheet dog !

Portal del Sur

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rooms don´t necessarily have windows, so it becomes stuffy and easy to sleep past noon! Otherwise, attention to detail, great style, and activities organized by staff (ie, tango lessons, parrilla, football outings)

Hostel Independencia

Mendoza, Argentina

They didn´t tell me a few key things during the initial tour that would´ve been helpful to know (ie, breakfast included)