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Alegria's Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

Nice hostel, nothing different. Luz and Ruben were really nice. Eduardo did not even say hi. It did seem that he did not care about the guest. One thing that did not like was that on my last night, there was a big party with people from other hostels, at least ten people. I do not think they should allow people to come to the hostel to party. There are many bars to do that. Staff speaks poor English.

Hostel Stadion

Helsinki, Finland

In general it is a nice place. Two things only, my door dorm could not be locked and some showers had no curtains. I am not shy, but it would be nicer to have some privacy while taking a shower.

City Hostel - Central Station

Stockholm, Sweden

Very nice hostel and quite. Reception is only open 9 hours. There are small windows on the dorm, but it is not possible to open it. It is kind of expensive, but everything is in Stockholm. I would stay there again.


Tallinn, Estonia

It is a nice hostel. Great location. The staff is very nice and friendly. The only thing is that there were hair on my bed sheets. I would stay there again!

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Thank you for your review. We're sad to hear that you found some mysterious hair on your bed sheets - next time do not hesitate to ask our team to change the sheets for you in a situation like this. We always have clean set of linen for all the guest, but we never know when somebody's hair loves to travel on to the freshly changed sheets. Enjoy your travels.

Jimmy Jumps House/Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

This is a party hostel. Loud music from reception almost 24 hours, and many drunk travellers. They need more bathrooms. There was one inside my room, and the employees said that anyone could use it. It had no mirror and the shower was broken. You can't wear shoes inside the hostel. For the waffles during breakfast you have to wait 20-30 minutes. The girl was so rude at that time. The website says that they take credit cards, but they do not. I would not stay there again.

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Hey man, Yes, this is a bit of a party hostel, although we try to take it out to the bars usually around 11-12. We just put a mirror up in that bathroom :) And also replaced the shower hook that was broken (actual shower worked/works) Sometimes for the waffles there is a little bit of a wait - but only if everyone wakes at once! :) Good time to drink a tea/coffee and get to know others. And about the credit cards, In fact it -specifically- says the we do NOT accept them so....yeah :) Be well.

Hostel Helvetia

Warsaw, Poland

It was just okay, but the guy at reception did lie to me. That is unaceptable. I asked for a bed at the bottom and he said they were all occupied, but I saw they were many free. As soon as the other receptionist started working, I asked for the same and she gave me another bed in two seconds. What a lazy guy, I would fire him. He has a job because of the guests.

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Thank you for leaving this comment. We are very sorry that this problem happened to you. Unfortunately, sometimes a situation in the room does not look the same as a situation in our system, since guests change their beds without informing the reception. Our staff does all they can to make you feel comfortable.

Barocco Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

There is only two toilets and one is very small to a point that it is uncomfortable to use it. To get to one dorm you have to go through another one. The girl at reception was nice, but the guy a little unhelpful. He was more interested in doing his own stuff.

Hostel Blues

Bratislava, Slovakia

The rooms in the hostel are a mess. There was no space for anything. Other travellers take as much as they want. When I got there I could not even walk. A lot of party and drunk people. The receptionists hang out in the hostel and get drunk. They do funny things. One guy was looking at me for a while and almost fall over me at the table. His coworker was just laughing. If I stay somewhere I want respect from the employees. They crossed the line, very unrespectful environment. Don't recommend it.


It is a nice hostel. The only thing is that they did not know that I showed up and charge double to my credit card.

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Hi, thank you for your review. I am sorry if there was a misunderstanding but seems that you enjoyed your stay with us. Kind regards, Your M-Team

Sir Toby's Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

It is kind of a party hostel. Employees are nice. They have very diferent rates. One day could be cheap and the next one expensive.

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Dear Daniel. We use an industry standard system for pricing in which our prices fluctuate based on various factors. Therefore our prices regularly change both up and down, you may even notice a change in price immediately after your booking is completed. This system of pricing has been used by hotels, hostels, car rentals, airlines (especially low cost airlines) and so on for many years and is commonly referred to as yield, dynamic or flexible pricing. Kind greetings, Miro GM

Gay Hostel (male only)

Berlin, Germany

A nice gay hostel. A little expensive. There is another gay hostel a couple of blocks away for half the price. The communal showers are nice and in general I had a nice stay.

Trip and Friends

Marrakech, Morocco

There is no keys for the rooms, neither lockers. It is a hostel to go to hang out, smoke and drink.

Arty Paris

Paris, France

There is no lockers in the rooms. One of the guys are reception does not really know Paris, so he gives wrong information. The lady who serves breakfast is rude. In general, a nice hostel to stay in.

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We are sorry you got wrong info. Thanks for your feedback, hope you get to visit again!

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

Very nice hostel. I would highly recommend it!


Good location. Breakfast included. Free walking your. Nice staff. I would stay there again.

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Hi, Thankyou for your comments, they mean a great deal to us! We are really pleased that you enjoyed your time with us, we do hope we see you again in the near future Regards Your Team at the Inn