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I really enjoy staying at the Hollywood and Highland Hostel. Richard and his staff always make me feel like I am at home and welcome. The atmosphere is friendly and the rooms clean. I would highly recommend this hostel for any travelers in the Los Angeles area.


Hollywood and Highland Hostel has all brand new plush carpeting in each room. The walls have also been freshly painted. The staff treat you like family and that is why I always stay at Hollywood and Highland. They have a spacious kitchen and an outdoor patio for people who want to chill and relax. Richard is the manager and he will do everything he can to make your stay pleasant. I highly recommend staying at Hollywood and Highland.


I had a very bad experience at this hostel. When I arrived at the Hollywood International Hostel the manager informed me that "I broke rule." He stated that I could not stay more than five days. He strongly suggested that I find a hotel to stay at. He said I could stay at the hostel for two night. The hostel did not honour my reservation and did not allow me to stay more than two nights. When I did stay I watched some of the residents of the hostel cleaning the bath rooms, doing odd jobs and even signing people who had reservations into the hostel. I got the impression that these "residents" were staying at the hostel more than five days. The atmosphere was also very unfriendly. One sign in the hostel says that upon check out your bags and luggage will be searched for any items that belong to the hostel. There are also many threatening signs on the fridge and patio that state that you will be removed from the hostel if you break those rules. As well I had a staff member/resident laugh at me when I was concerned that my reservation was not being honoured. Also when I made my reservation online, I did not get the 10% deposit taken off of my room when I did arrive. So when you make a reservation through and a 10%deposit is charged to your credit card, this will not be taken off of the room bill when you arrive. I would recommend any Canadian NOT to stay at the Hollywood International Hostel.

Gershwin Hollywood Hotel

Los Angeles, USA

The staff were very friendly and helpful.