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Hostel Vista Serena

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

The views are amazing. We shared our room with some bugs and lizards but that might just be normal for the area. The AC worked well. The "included breakfast" was coffee and toast and you had to wash your own dishes. This place is located on a blind curve with no sidewalks so it was terrifying to try to walk anywhere, especially in the evening. The people who worked there were not particularly helpful, did not give out maps, and did not always dispense accurate information about the area.

Camino Verde Hostel and B&B

Monteverde, Costa Rica

This place was amazing! So cute. Delicious breakfast that was substantial and included. Jose provided all kinds of information about places to eat and a map of the area with things to do. He booked everything for us without a problem! He was honest and gave great advice on what to do in the area. This was my favorite place we stayed in Costa Rica - absolutely recommend!!

Lub d Bangkok Siam Square

Bangkok, Thailand

Would definitely stay here again! Its in a fun location and there's a metro stop right there.

Our House

Reykjavik, Iceland

This place was AMAZING! We loved everything about it. Perfect location. Great place to meet other travelers. And all the free coffee you can drink! This is our top recommendation for anyone staying in Reykjavik! Such a neat place!

KEX Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

No customer comment

Pal's Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

The apartment we stayed in was incredible and it was in the best location. Very safe and clean. We had a balcony over-looking the church and square with breathtaking views. The only down-side was that since it isn't an actual hostel, we didn't get to meet other travelers. On the flip side, we had lots of privacy. Clean towels and sheets and a hairdryer. Even had a kitchen. Wireless internet wasn't working when we went but there was a cafe with wi-fi next to the apartment. I would definitely recommend this p

San Giorgio Villas

Santorini, Greece

Staff was great and very helpful. Went out of their way to take us to the port late at night. Loved the wine at check-in! Everyone enjoyed the pool. Close to everything we needed. Shower was tiny - that's the only thing close to a complaint. Would definitely recommend.

Kymata Pension

Mykonos, Greece

Andreas was awesome! Went out of his way to pick us up and drop us off at the port. Great location, very clean, and a nice big bathroom. Definitely recommend.

YHA Bristol

Bristol, England

The breakfast was amazing. The hostel was cute and had a gorgeous view of the harbor. Staff were great and beds were comfy! Long waits for the toilet/shower was the only drawback. Overall, I highly recommend this hostel!

Abrahams Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

They put us in a 12-bed room in the basement. It was AWFUL. There was mildew and mold growing all over the room and in the shower. The conditions were unsanitary and unhealthy. Everyone in my group woke up with a sore throat from breathing it in all night. The rooms upstairs may be better but only book here if you can be sure NOT to get a room in the basement, on the "ground" floor.

Mec Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

The hostel was very clean. You had to push the button every 5 seconds to get the water to come out of the shower...that was the only disappointment. "Free breakfast" is a slice of toast and a coffee...don't expect much. Would recommend it here overall!

Brodies Hostels

Edinburgh, Scotland

They overbooked the room we were in and one guy had to sleep out in the hallway all night long. The showers were scalding hot and you coulnd't make them colder....major disappointment and impossible to shower. The beds were lumpy and uncomfortable. Overall, it wasn't a horrible experience but I wouldn't choose to stay there again if possible, as there are plenty of better hostels in the area.