Reviews: Fiachrafrog

Location: Ireland, Gender: Male,

Hotel Barbara

Barcelona, Spain

Fine! Place for Budget accommodation. Very Central.It is between La Rambla and Parallel Avenue. Only 5 mins walk to La Rambla. Apollo nite club is only a short walk away too. People who complain about this hotel should go and stay in a 4 star hotel but they probably can't afford it

Paraiso Travellers Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Was fine fit for purpose.

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

Brilliant Hostel, Great Location

Base Queenstown

Queenstown, New Zealand

Great party Hostel just like Queenstown it self but definitely needs some sort of security lock at nighttime.Anyone can walk in and out unchecked up to the dorm especially from the bar where you don't have to pass reception.


Invercargill, New Zealand

Nice relaxing place to stay

Hostal Calma

Mallorca, Spain

Great Hostel/place to go if you want to get away from package holiday scumbag plebs.Nice beach and Nitelife. Staff (all germna) are very helpful.

Linden Hall Townhouse

Westport, Ireland

Its a B&B with hostel prices (off peak ) you can't go wrong.

Nadi Bay Hotel

Nadi, Fiji

Excellent place to stay .

The Beachouse

Coral Coast, Fiji

Great place to Chill out for a week but bring food and alcohol/cash before you get here although you can put everything on tab and pay when you leave. If you (not many people do) do not like posh/Public school English kids ( the way last year we went to the south of France in my Daddy's yacht... ) then don't come here. They are attracted to here like flies to Sh1t.


A great place to stay but you can get in to any room through the patio areas with out needing a key,its very easy for the dorms to be robbed and not just by an outsider .

HI-Vancouver Central

Vancouver, Canada

Very Fiendly staff , Excellent place to stay

Turtle Hostel

Victoria, Canada

Great place for a bit of peace and quiet


This used to be a Hostel but is more of a Hotel now still with Dorms.It mainly caters for group bookings for german tourists. This is not a Backpacker hostel so it is good for a weekend away but would not suitable for backpackers looking to meet other backpackers.I booked a single/ensuite but it was a dorm room with 2 Bunkbeds all to myself but would not suit everyone .



Aenea Superior Inn

Rome, Italy

Very clean and secure.They speak good english.

Euro Hostel Edinburgh Halls

Edinburgh, Scotland



they had no safe just a press wasn´t very secure and was beside kitchen didn´t leave anything in there and didn´t accept responsibility for loss of items that was all the bed sheets were washed but were all hair so used sleeping bag to avoid paying local tax you have to pay in $US