Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 32

Good location for Oktoberfest. Triples are a little cramped for three people and way overpriced that time of year, but so is everything else available. Served its purpose and no complaints.

Royal Road Residence Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

We had a nice apartment on the fifth floor (yes, there was a lift). The "3 bed private" was a one bedroom apartment. The bedroom had one bed, with a second bed in the "living room" as well as a pullout couch. Also a nice kitchen. Tatyana at reception was nice and very helpful.

Hotel Central

Casablanca, Morocco

Room was as advertised. No more and no less. Reception was friendly and let us change our reservation the day we were supposed to arrive after we realized we booked the wrong night. That said, due to location (in the Medina) and weather in August, the room was very hot and loud... No AC or fan and every sound (people, dogs, cats, and roosters) echoed loudly off the adjacent building. Also of note is after a week in Morocco, the Medina in Casablanca was where we felt the least safe of anywhere.

Riad Layla Rouge

Marrakech, Morocco

The private room was outstanding. It was large, clean, and had AC that worked well, allowing the possibility of a mid-day August siesta to escape the otherwise unbearable heat. The manager was friendly and helpful. The "bar" wasn't really a social gathering point, although the rooftop terrace as a whole was nice. Other guests staying at the hostel seemed particularly friendly and outgoing, which may be a reflection of the hostel itself or just a coincidence.

Dar El Yasmine

Fez, Morocco

As advertised. Great location (easy to find and get around in the Medina). Only complaint is the AC was weak, meaning the room only got down to about 28 C during the day with the cold air at full blast, leaving few options to escape the summer heat.


Dorm room was quite small for the number of beds and very hot at night with no fan or AC (August). There wasn't really a "bar" so much as a common room with a refrigerator from which you could purchase drinks. Kitchen was large and nice and the rooftop terrace was great.


Private room was nice (basically an apartment located at a separate site). Biggest complaint is that the bar was hardly ever open, even during happy hour. There didn't seem to be a reason why, other than there just being no one to work it. This hostel was fine, but after visiting friends at the Oasis Palace Hostel (same owners), I would recommend staying there instead based on the much larger rooftop terrace and fun bar scene that was non-existent at Backpackers.

Hostel Blues

Bratislava, Slovakia

No customer comment

DREAM House hostel

Kiev, Ukraine

No customer comment

The Hub

Kiev, Ukraine

No customer comment

Cheers Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

I Highly recommend this hostel. All rooms looked very comfortable, clean, and large (dorms too). Staff was very nice and also helpful. View from the bar upstairs is amazing and prices reasonable. No problems with "security", but there didn't seem to be any safes. With cleaning people coming in/out when you're not there, a safe would be nice. The slight drop in cleanliness is from the horrible smell emanating from our sink, what seemed to be an exception in an otherwise very clean place.


If you need a bed to sleep in close to the train station, this is the way to go; just don't expect anything more than that and you won't be disappointed. I wouldn't stay here for more than a night or two if you can avoid it. The facility is very small (basically a Soviet style one bedroom apartment. The staff was incredibly friendly and the location was great, but that's about all I can say.


This B&B is run by a very friendly couple aiming to please their guests. It is on the city's "romantic" park and less than 10 minute walk from most attractions, as well as the train station. I highly recommend this Bed and Breakfast; for couples especially.

TIU Backpackers Odessa

Odessa, Ukraine

I highly recommend this hostel for your stay in Odessa. staff is layed back but hard working and accomodating--a good resouce for where to go, what to do, and how to do it. The hostel is basic, but has wifi for free and laundry at a nominal cost (like 30 grivnya). There weren't any hidden charges like at some other hostels. Staff is on hand 24 hours a day; there if you need someone to call a taxi for you or have any questions.

New World St. Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

Incredibly clean and very well managed with the potential to be one of the best! The young and dedicated staff are already doing a great job, but are also very open to suggestions to improve the hostel and eager to please guests. I highly recommend this hostel for anyone traveling to Warsaw.

Tutti Frutti Hostel

Krakow, Poland

CHARACTER is great SECURITY is ideal. Front door requires you to be buzzed in and lockers in rooms are huge. LOCATION couldn\'t be better. STAFF is friendly, helpful, and fun (and cute). CLEANLINESS is not a problem. FUN is tutti's biggest strength. The bar downstairs is fun and cheap. They also have a staff member whose job it is to organize social events (think free pub crawl each night). Prob the most fun hostel that I have ever stayed in.

Alfa Tourist Service - Hostel Jednota

Prague, Czech Republic

Big student dorm. Not the cleanest, most fun, but location is good and the staff is friendly, if not always particularly helpful.

Hostel Skippy

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Only one shower, but a small hostel so not a huge deal. It would be nice if it had a shower curtain though. Skippy is very nice and helpful as well. Location is a short walk to the old town, although many hostels are located right in the center. Back deck on the river is a good place to socialize, although the small size of the hostel means that there aren\'t always others around to meet.

DIC Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Just a big student dorm. Too big for it to be easy to meet people, but decent price, reasonable location, and no big complaints.

Lucky Youth

Paris, France

Nothing special. Basically an apartment with a few beds in it. Experience depends on other travelers there, but mine was good overall.