Reviews: Anonymous

Garden Opera

Paris, France

The strees around the hotel put a bit of fear on my wife but the location of the hotel, considering the price and the distance of tourist atractions, was excelent.

Cecil Hotel

Athens, Greece

The mains issues was the bathroom that was not clean and after the shower there was water all around and the speed of the wifi that was very poor.

Korifi Suites & Apts

Heraklion, Greece

Unfortunatelly we could not reach Crete during our vacation and we didn't go to Korifi Suites.

Anny Studios - Perissa Beach

Santorini, Greece

The problems we faced was the bathroom smell that was not good and after the shower there was water all around. Th other problem was the speed of the internet, only worked close to the pool bar.

Ulisse Deluxe

Sorrento, Italy

Unfortunatelly I could not stay at Ulisse Deluxe due to some issues with their booking system, but they sent me a mail in advance telling about the issue and they arranged another place to us. The other place was a B&B called Artis Domus where we got a complete apartment, very nice and the only thing that was not good was the breakfast that was very simple.

Hostel of the Sun

Naples, Italy

Great staff and well located hostel.

Funny Palace Hostel

Rome, Italy

We missed to have an air conditioned.... it was extremelly warm.

Funny Palace Hostel

Rome, Italy

Nice staff, excellent location. We just missed some air condioneted. It was extremelly warm in Rome during our stay.

Albergo La Perla

Siena, Italy

Very simple place. Well located but no great facilities available, no breakfast.

PLUS Florence

Florence, Italy

The most standard hostel during or vacation in Italy. Big, but OK.


Nice and friendly place. The only issue was about 3 floors by stairs when the owner is not there. Just the owner has the key for the lift.

B&B Ca'Dor

Venice, Italy

Another big surprise during our trip. We got a complete apartment in the center of Venice. It was amazing due to the fact that when we booked it we thought that we will have just a bedroom with bathroom. It was great to have all those facilities just for us.

All'Angolo di Romeo

Verona, Italy

Nice and well located. The only cons are some noise due to the fact that was a very central place and excess of recommendations from the owner about the lights.... :-P

Lake Como Hostel La Primula

Lake Como, Italy

It's a hostel managed by ex guests and they know what guests wishe. The food was excellent and the location was privileged, we could just open or windows and see the Como lake and the Alps in front of us.... amazing.

The Best Hotel

Milan, Italy

Some issues with the location of the bathroom, in the middle of the room which caused some noise when used during the night.

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

No customer comment

Pfefferbett Hostel

Berlin, Germany

The best hostel we have used until now.

Smart Hyde Park Inn Hostel

London, England

People arriving in the middle of the night are allowed to check in any time. In other words, you maybe safe when you go to the bad but you don't know how will be in the middle of the night... sorry, I didn't like this.

Hotel Mon Reve Amadeus

Paris, France

I've in Paris some times before and I really had one positive suprise this time. The Mon Reve Amadeus is very well located and if compared with the hotls that I used before, sure will be my choice next time. Thanks Jean Paul and all staff.