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Hotel el Delfin

Monterrico, Guatemala

No customer comment

Tropicana Hostel

Antigua, Guatemala

Was a bit under the weather for the party atmosphere, but it was comfortable, and quieted down at a reasonable time.

Al Son de los Santos

Guanajuato, Mexico

Overall not a bad spot and pretty comfortable. Plenty of hot water in the shower. Only two functioning lockers for 8 beds in our room, so if you have stuff you need to lock up, probably better to go someplace else, especially considering the door to the dorm does not close (in fact, swings open if you try to shut it without sticking a flip flop or something to jam it) so anyone who wants to can walk in. Bring earplugs because the kitchen, hall, and stairs are right through the open door.

The Amazing Hostel Sayulita

Sayulita, Mexico

Nice spot, kept nice n clean and was a great spot to start exploring Sayulita from.

Banana Bungalow Hollywood

Los Angeles, USA

Everything is run down a bit, works and is clean but not as awesome as other hostels. We had an old guy who snored loud and burned stuff in the kitchen at six every day, pretty sure he was living there. Car parking is nice, but you have to leave your keys at the desk and they will give them out to whoever (various staff I hadn't seen let me go back and pick my keys out). My car is bad so i didn't care. Bring your own blankets, they just give you sheets.

Hotel Diana

Dusseldorf, Germany

Clean, small, hotel. Great place to stay at the end of my trip while waiting for my flight.

Funny Palace Hostel

Rome, Italy

Nice place, everything was great. No pots, pans, knives, forks or even dish soap in the kitchen though. Not like it's hard to find good food outside the hostel though.

Earthers Hostel

Hvar, Croatia

Favorite place of the trip. Run by backpackers, awesome location and amazing atmosphere. Book an extra day. Also far and away the best food, crepes for breakfast!

Hostel One Sants

Barcelona, Spain

Cool place, easy access to the metro and groceries and whatnot. Fun spot to meet people and an awesome staff. Showers were seldom warm, but it was hot out anyway so they were refreshing.

Itinere Hostel

Granada, Spain

The absolute best common area in a long time, great location, smaller hostel where it's easy to meet people. I wish I could have stayed longer, and would definitely go back!


Everything was great, nice new facilities, maybe could stand with a few more knives in the kitchen. Cool place, bring earplugs though, music and party is all over.

Blue Sky Hostel

Glasgow, Scotland

Feels like a dorm that has been lived in for the past 800 years. No nice, comfortable spot to chill. No outlets in the rooms. Everything funky and run down, including the beds (mine wasn't flat). The location was ok. Wifi didn't work for me.

Budget Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

Fun place, no complaints and would def stay there again.

City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

Stay here. Seriously. Well thought out hostel in a great location with awesome staff and perfect facilities. WIfi didn't have one of those annoying password things on it, common areas were well designed, was only there for a night but would loved to have stayed longer.

Uppsala City Hostel

Uppsala, Sweden

Great hostel, nice spot, pretty quiet and relaxed with really nice facilities, good kitchen, fast wifi, comfortables rooms.


Stockholm, Sweden

The staff was amazing, especially Julia, she helped me get a bunch of stuff figured out and was great about it. The location is also nice, central to town. The hostel itself is pretty terrible though. The kitchen was always hot, there was plenty of fridge space but about a square meter of counter space and 2 out of 4 burners that actually did anything, wifi was pretty terrible for the most part. No comfortable place to hang out.

Brussels Hostel Grand Place

Brussels, Belgium

Interesting setup with the checkin being offsite, but everything was pretty standard, nice bathrooms and showers in the room. Right smack in the middle of the touristy area. Only downside was that the windows were not to be opened, and even though there were signs saying there was AC, it got pretty hot and stuffy at night in there.

Antwerp Central Youth Hostel

Antwerp, Belgium

Is essentially a hotel with shared rooms, clean, modern, efficient. Somewhat sterile feeling and was definitely older clients when I was there. Wifi works only on the main floor but it's fast and consistent.

Hostel Uppelink Ghent

Gent, Belgium

Solid place. Older crowd (as in, 50-70) when I was there. Huge place feels like a hotel that you share rooms with, the building was built to be a hostel. Wifi only works on the ground floor. Staff was super nice.


Dusseldorf, Germany

Cool place, staff was great and everything was clean and nice. Walking distance to old town and the river. The only exception being that the room in the basement has a window that is right next to the stairs and since everyone has to go out that way to smoke at night, everyone sits in the windowsill and smokes and talks there. That and the carpet in that room smells like urine.

Lion Lodge Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland

Solid spot, nothing amazing but good for the money, especially for Switzerland.

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Grüezi XX. Thanks for choosing the Lion Lodge. We are glad you enjoyed your stay and appreciate the time you took to fill out a review. Kind Regards, „the Lion Lodge Team“

Hostal Hogar Cuencano

Cuenca, Ecuador

Awesome location and super friendly hosts, comfortable beds and decently fast internet.

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thanks for your comment my regards

Iguana Backpackers

Montanita, Ecuador

Everyone here was nice, but it wasn't really a comfortable place to sit and hang out. One of the three bathrooms didn't have water on the floor constantly. Hot water didn't work. Kitchen was nice though, always good to be able to cook.

The Secret Garden Quito

Quito, Ecuador

pretty chill spot, not a whole lot to do in the area but cabs and buses are all cheap and plentiful. the place was clean and nice, though i'd highly recommend going out to eat as the food there is pretty bad and more expensive than elsewhere.

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Hi there, thanks for your comment. I'll have to respond regarding the food though. Most of our guests appriciate the food that is served. Everything is freshly cooked and with high quality ingredients everyday. Could be that you didn't like a specifik dish, but to be honest we do get a lot of positive feedback especially regarding the food. Enjoy your travels! /Jacob

Hostel Nucapacha

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Room was a bit small and stuffy with only a window into the hallway, but the pool more than made up for it! chill spot $5 cab ride from the airport.

Youth Meeting Home

Florence, Italy

this place is a lot of fun for young backpackers, it has a great kitchen and an excellent staff.

Hostel Friendship

Prague, Czech Republic

Watch out for the old german lady, staying at this hostel is much like staying at grandma's house. There beds are nice but there's no common space.