Reviews: mandahodges

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 31

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

I really appreciated the open, clean feel of the room. Ours had a cool loft. I loved the wifi in the common areas. Plenly of outlets to charge up. There were games to play in the kitchen that seemed pretty cool. Overall I was impressed with this hostel.

The Walrus Hostel

London, England

It was incredibly hot while I was a room with 20 something bunks and no windows was pretty awful.

Westside Pearl

New York, USA

This place was so awful I slept on my towel for 4 hours and decided to check out early! The first room I was given had\'nt been cleaned and the bed had blood stains. Andres had the customer service skills of a lion. After I began crying due to the fact it was Saturday at midnight and I couldnt find another place in NYC, Patrick took over (thank you patrick. you were so kind), he gave me another dirty room and apologized. Also a quick thank you to Clayton who was very helpful with my refund!

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

This place had great scottish character. The roooms were spacious even with 5 bunks. Great view, great location, comfy beds and super clean. Never a wait for the showers. Loved this place!

Four Courts Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Luggage storage was free! 3 computers! And breakfast of toast and cereal. Staff here are so friendly as well as the guest. We were often invited to join by the staff. Thank you Four Courts! My only complaint is the bath room. Be prepared there are only 2 for around 30 ppl. I never waited but I had a hard time setting my towel and clothes on the wet floor.


Bath, England

I recently stayed here again. I had such a hard time finding it nestled between what looked like two houses. Great place and I would stay again. There is a real lack of hostels/hotels in Bath.