Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Netherlands, Gender: Female, Age: 63

Clifden Town Hostel

Clifden, Ireland

Not only a great place to stay, in the middle of all and still quiet inside, but also great hosts Good tips what to do and where to go if needed LOVELY!!!!

Flanagan's Village Hostel

Doolin, Ireland

Had a great stay, stayed even a night extra, due also to do the cliff walk COULD have had booked another hostel, but why?? THIS hostel, Flanagan's, is SUPER GREAT

Kinlay House Cork

Cork, Ireland

Really nice place, just up hill in a great neighbourhood, still ABSOLUTE close to the city centre Staff is quilified for help, I asked for stay in a next place and got recommended: Ennis, Doolin, Clifden Doolin it was, now there, AWESOME and tomorrow Clifden Great recommomndation from a great staff member


Do to demonstrations on the road from Cusco to Lima I couldn't make it But this is what I can tell all of you: they emails I got after booking and the phonecall I made when I had to tell I might be or really late or not even make it are all responded really friendly and helpfull Thank you

Hostal Pakarina

Aguas Calientes, Peru

Price is quit high for Peru, but my room was like a ballroom Breakfast was poor but I must say: maybe because I left 6 AM and breakfast is from 7 AM Poor but still there was coffee, juice, bananas, corn/honey bar and fresh bread with butter and jam So maybe not poor after all Nice people but it's more a hotelroom then a hostal

Hospedaje Pumacurco

Cusco, Peru

Arrived earlier then expected and was welcome Could store my luggage whilst traveling overnight MachuPicchu so I booked another night Hostel is right between tourists and locals, love it

Hostel Sao Jorge

Bonito, Brazil

Staff is really willing to help you, which is great

Curitiba Backpackers Hostel

Curitiba, Brazil

Breakfast is cloded st 10 AM, which was a bit disappionted Because of the Carnival week it ment long nights out, would have been nice to have a late breakfast Gladly the supermarketbis not too far and the use of the kitchen is good

Hostal Sol y Miel

Benalmadena, Spain

Very noisy Very very noisy Did NOT sleep at all Is not a Hostelworld location, GAD to book 3 nights HAD to book for 2 persons Price was way to high and as I said before TOI NOISY Cleaning ladies too early un the morning and ALL morning around, hearing other people sl night, akdi flushing toilet s and other water running Not like other Hostelworld locations, very disappointed Plus 1staffmember was very rude, sorry I did not ask his name, because others were correct Please take it if your site

Curitiba Backpackers Hostel

Curitiba, Brazil

Awesome staff, now also English speaking, went even to 'my ' parties , really really great No rusdhing there also, late check out, all together SUPER Obrigado to all


Changed from dorm to private, due to be too tired and needed some being alone, which was GREAT, still hostel atmosphere but treated in the room like a hotel And: notice to the staff: they are PRETTY!!!! (one of the girls asked me to tell this, hihi, but: she' s right, they are pretty and nice and great helping and fun)

Beijing Leo Courtyard

Beijing, China

No window in the rooms, but gladly indoors bathroom with ventilation system Would be nice of other people in the room clean up after use, like at home, your mom is NOT your cleaning lady Hostel itself really, really clean and nice, good staff also, great tour driver (noodles)

Gana's Guesthouse

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Was great to stay in a 5 pers GER, on the top roof and seeing ' normal' people, UB inhabtitants, sleep also in GERS Breakfast was NOT included, they lost password to change it on the site, but: for this little money, 3000 Tugnyt (sorry if the name is wrong), which is about Euro 1,50 , please DON"T complain Breakfast was GREAT and healthy We didn't want to have heating in it, so we got changed to a cold on, PERFECT,another person sharing agreed with us, without heating is ALLRIGHT (-6C outside)

Belka Hostel

Listvyanka, Russia

Beautiful place, walking distance to any where, slept in the 8 dorm, all single beds, no bunks

Galina's Flat

Moscow, Russia

This was a great place, old Moscow, not far from ALL, beautiful And Galina is the best, no kidding, absolute be back when visiting Moscow again Willy, 60 years I felt myself at home with Galina's, she is a very warmhearted women. Jacqueline 54 years

Curitiba Backpackers Hostel

Curitiba, Brazil

Had a great time, don´t understand where the stories come from that the neighborhood is dangerous, it´s absolute NOT Can need some better showers, or better: people clean up after yourself, don´t leave it wet all over And a cerfew for silence from like 23-07 would not be bad Overall: a place to come back to

Fantasy B&B

Vaprio d'Adda, Italy

I tried to cancel this, got the e-mail back as not able to be delivered Called, no one picked up the phone Then sent a text message, no answer Hope just now that I've NOT been charged, that would make it even worse Not to be recommended!!!! (and believe me, I travelled ALL over the world, always been fun, except this one)

L'Angolo di Anna

Dalmine, Italy

ABSOLUTE fantastisch, besides aal the 'normal'things I even got slippers and glasses to use (my classes broke in the plane) and snacks and other nice things next to the perfect breakfast ABSOLUTE a MUST to go there, please enjoy as much as I did

La Pescheria Backpackers

Venice, Italy

Lovely place, more then JUSt a hostel, really an Italian family treat there, the best way LOVED it and would certainly recommend

Red Nest Hostel Valencia

Valencia, Spain

Super kitchen and roof patio, extra too all the rest good stuff, like THICK doors, soo: no noise from outside (my room was next to the kitchen, couldn't hear ANY noise from there)

Blaues Haus Stuttgart

Stuttgart, Germany

Very helpfull staff after arriving LATE due to carproblems on the way up, also later when my friend had a delay and got my phone number wrong Very, very helpful AND clean!!!! Also: not allowed to make noise. Some one does? Call and report, I like that


Valencia, Spain

Perfect hostel, very clean also AND only 5 minutes walk to the old historic center PERFCT all together, I´m sure going back there


Lovely place, good rooms. Outside is the real world, but in the rooms it's quiet, good people and the location is perfect for going to the beach, see all the Art Deco buuildings and also for transport to downtown and Amtrak station I had a great time

Enjoy Hostel

Rome, Italy

Lovely location, all walkable (me being Dutch) to the old historic places. Staff showes you the 'normal'sides of Rome, just about 5-7 minutes walk, good for nightlife fun, great and cheap food and drinks I will be back when I have a visit to Rome again