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Sequoia Lodge Backpackers

Picton, New Zealand

Loved the chic pudding, especially after a cold day's walk. The varied communal areas is a great idea for disparate travellers

B&B La Casa di Elide

Arezzo, Italy

It's a bit out of the swing of things, being a 10 minute walk just to get to the old town area before starting the necessary climb up the hill, but the place is homely, very spacious and in a quiet area, even if on a main road. The manager lives elsewhere (so must be phoned for original entry) and thus does not always see the mess other occupants can leave in the kitchen.

Student's Hostel Estense

Ferrara, Italy

Well run, average place, well frequented by a range of people. Nice back yard area and reasonable breakfast. Location a bit out of it but not too bad - brief walk. Helpful staff with good restaurant recommend.

Big Yellow House

Novalja, Croatia

Considerate staff in a hostel that should please most backpackers. Close to supermarket, beach and part of the night life scene, it has a lot going for it.

Guesthouse Korunic

Korcula, Croatia

The hostess's son has excellent English and is very helpful. Because the village is so small there is no problem with location and the quiet centrality is nice.

Marina View Apartment

Kotor, Montenegro

Position is great with a fantastic view from the window over the port. Lack of parking is not a huge issue but has some downsides. Staff are very easy to deal with and helpful. Supermarket close by is a bonus.

Hotel Nais

Durres, Albania

The hotel is pleasant with large rooms in a side street away from the bustle. The only difficulty I had was with the Google map addresses and placement of this hotel and another called Hotel Nais Beach. The hotel instructions as to arrival directions are correct but do not match with Google's positioning .

SR Backpackers

Saranda, Albania

Position would normally be this place's best asset, being so close to useful bus lines and the Corfu boat, but the manager is so over-the-top helpful he makes the place. Veranda views, free cooked breakfasts, wonderful host. Thoroughly recommended


Quiet and in a safe area, it's on an upper floor level so it's very safe. A bit far from the sights it is a long stroll (but doable) to the port for ferries. Food places are nearby but the fast food places are a couple of streets away. Not bad for value but somewhat staid.

Pensione Giamaica

Rome, Italy

This place is just a simple place to sleep and wash in. It doesn't try to be flash or fun but offers value for money compared to other hotels in the area. The quirky lift indicates you are dealing with old style accommodation. Be tolerant.


I hope they have solved the problem of hot water early in the morning. And - within reason - curb the party people after 3 a.m.

Hotel Yasha

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

No customer comment

C'mon Inn Hostel

Moncton, Canada

A lovely, light filled place with a homey feel and staff who are very eager to make you feel welcome. Only steps from transport and the downtown points of interest ( if you call them that) and with breakfast thrown in, it's a very nice deal.


Quite comfortable and spacious. Staff sometimes a bit forgetful but definitely helpful. Location is ok but it takes time to get into and out of city. (metro is very frequent though)Student area so very buzzy for atmosphere - good!

Hostel Buffalo Niagara

Buffalo, USA

lots of space in the hostel - all areas. And the free laundry powder was a lovely touch, especially when you don't want to carry around large boxes of the stuff. Staff very helpful and informative and pleasantly casual.

The Indy Hostel

Indianapolis, USA

The location is so far out from the main city that museums etc are difficult to get to. The suburban site is right next to a delightful bike/walking trail that takes you up to a trendy cafe set area and nearby is a great place for jazz and eating creale food (Yatz). The staff were all very friendly and flexible to the extreme (thanx again!)and the homely feel is very pleasant. Not many people were staying there so the fun part was a bit hard to achieve. Quiet, cozy, comfortable.

HI Washington DC

Washington DC, USA

The sound proofing against the club across the road is bad. Even when the windows which some idiot had left open were shut the bass travelled through the walls and made sleep very difficult. The choice of movies was phenomenal and generally the staff were better than could be expected.

Cecil Hotel

Los Angeles, USA

The location was great for getting buses to the main places although away from the usual Hollywood area. Staff were very helpful but the rooms were a bit seedy. They are doing renovations so it may improve. Lobby promises luxury but it's all show. Some rooms still have no electric sockets for use. Sirens at night are very common and the lower parts of %th Street are reputedly very dangerous nearby. I had no trouble though getting in from walking down from the city at 11 p.m.