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Location: Spain, Gender: Male, Age: 42


Tbilisi, Georgia

Wifi worked well. There was hot water. It was clean. It is like a private home located on a side street (the entrance is not on the street but on the side). Even though Georgia is not expensive, hostels/hotels are expensive as they cater to Russian tourists with money, therefore this bed and breakfast was acceptable value for the money.

Hotel Rio Arga

Zaragoza, Spain

Excellent hotel right near the cathedral, which is where you need to be. Everything great. Walking distance to the bus that goes to the main bus/train station. It is also possible to walk from where the airport bus stops in the town. A bit pricey for what it is though.

Avalon House

Dublin, Ireland

This place would have been excellent, but unfortunatelly WIFI inside room 205 did not work and these days without internet one can't do necessary tasks.

Euro Youth Hostel

Munich, Germany

Great hostel. Great price. The location is right in the center walking distance from the central station. Wifi worked great. Amazing free breakfast unusual for a hostel to provide a breakfast like that. Quiet room. Old building but suficiently clean for the needs of backpackers and non fussy people.

The Fort Boutique Hostel

York, England

One of the most excellent hostels I have been to. Wifi worked great. The kitchen had everything. Very clean. The receptionist personally took me upstairs to the dorm. More than a dorm it was like a nice room shared with 3 other civilized people. Great.

City Public Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

Add 5 Euros to have bed sheets otherwise expect bedbugs. The kitchen is huge, but the common area to work on you computer is too crammed. Location is great and Wifi worked well.

Augarten Hostel

Vienna, Austria

No customer comment

Hostel Erottajanpuisto

Helsinki, Finland

The location is right in the center, which is a necessity for tourist given that most likely you will encounter bad rainy weather in Helsinki. Wifi worked well. It is an apartment floor converted to a hostel. It is a bit crammed. People sit quietly, with no awful loud music, in the medium size kitchen to check their internet on their laptops. It is difficult to find anything cheaper in Helsinki, though I was told by a local to type in Google instead of going through booking sites.


This hostel has a very good location, which is better than some of the other hostels. You can walk to where you take the bus to the airport. It is next to one of the wall gates and it is walking distance to the must-see craftsmen street and the Forest of Stone Steles museum . Wifi worked inside the room. The only concern was, some sort of kareoki going on downstairs at the hostel, probably for the party enjoyment of some patrons, but could be a problem for those who want to sleep.

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thank you for your high rating and good review,the hostel located at the city center nearby the South Gate of the City Wall.the Bar named Pak Qin is very popular in Xi'an ,so there is many young people hang out every night. anyway ,thank you for your staying and enjoy.we will try our best .hope you have a nice trip in China.shuyuan hostel

Timeless Hostel

Lijiang, China

Receptionist was nice and spoke english well ... wifi worked inside the room. Room was clean bathroom great. Note that taxi cannot deliver you to their front door because it is a pedestrian road. It was under repair the downstairs area. Many hostels in better street are available but do not list pn western portals.


One of the best hostels I have been to. They spoke clear fluent english, which in China you hardly can find. Wifi worked inside my room. Great kitchen. Next to the bua station. Great advice too. Nore from airport it is bus 1. There is no 303. Qhwn bus arrives at a sidesrtreet walk ro rhe very big main blvd and turn lefy on it till you see the river

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Thank you so much for your nice review. We are looking forward to seeing you next time in Chengdu. Traffic inn hostel will be your home in Chengdu :) Best Regards Traffic inn hostel crew


The location of the hostel is within the walls but a bit far from where things happen. However, note that unlike European medieval towns, the walls of old cities go on for kilometers. You'll have to take a taxi or bus to go anywhere interesting. (good luck communicating with a chinese taxi driver) Regarding the hostel, their English is limited. Rest is excellent. Wifi inside the room, very clean, room large.

Old Town Hostel East Wing

Kotor, Montenegro

WIFI worked inside the room. Room was very clean. Location inside the historic walls. All very nice. Bathroom was outside the room. Maybe it is possible to find something for the same price or even less with bathroom inside. In any case perfect and good. In the reception area you can sit, read and socialize. The rooms are quiet and you don't hear talking from the reception because it is a bit separated.

Kate Guesthouse

Budapest, Hungary

Everything great. Maybe heating inside the room should be extended a bit. I Will be back.

Atlantic Hostel

Essaouira, Morocco

I arrived there and there was this guy with Rastafari hair being very aggressive. No proper front desk, no proper bookkeeping. Quoted me a price different than the one on my reservation. The room was in the building in front. Wifi did NOT work in the room. There was no hot water. They use colored bedsheets and it was not clear if they were clean or dirty or just wrinkled. There were people socializing in the kitchen, but I went somewhere else, where things worked well for just a little more.

Avalon House KTM

Kathmandu, Nepal

You have to cross a really horrible dusty road to get to Thamel. Breakfast was great. I was picked up at the airport on-time with a nice big sign with my name. So that was a good sign. The main hostel was full, so they put me in the hostel they have next door. The WIFI worked, but was very shaky. They say it has to do with Nepal and not themselves. It could be true. Regarding quietness, even though its not Thamel, the windows of the front rooms open to a street where people talk and pray.

Do Step Inn

Vienna, Austria

Overall a good experience. I stayed in a single room for myself. Their dorms are cheap, but their private rooms are a bit pricey ... My window opened to the main street, so the car traffic noise was a lot and also their bathrooms have a sort of air filtering fan that makes a lot of noise. (You can't turn it off). In general the place was great.

Greenpoint YMCA

New York, USA

Terrible place. Don't go there. Has no WIFI. Does not have enough bathrooms. They mix homeless people living there from shelters with paid guests. I truly believe in giving all help possible to homeless people, but you need to separate the area of the hotel dedicated to them from tourists. Homeless people because of their problems have mental problems and so, they should be in a separate area of the building. One guy who lives there was cursing all night in room next to mine. I never slept


It is a good enough place. A short walk from were things are happening in South Beach. Good for the price. When I got to my room there was no mattress .. and someone snored really bad one night but that was not the hostels fault. Good option. The only suggestion I have for the hostel is to turn the music down. Not everyone wants to be bombarded with music all the time. The breakfast lady Susana was really nice.

Smart Hyde Park View Hostel

London, England

It's difficult to give a review of a hostel in large big expensive and historic town like London. The hostel being located at a premiere wonderful location, it means that the building in which it is located is old. So really this was not built as a hostel, but refurbished as one, and it sort of falls short. Some dorms are too small for the amount of people they want to cram in them. Hard time fitting the suitcases as most people dont want to pay for the locker

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

Good place .... in the actual dorm the Wifi wouldn't work. The slight problem with the hostel was that then, the only common area they have is a bar downstairs, and if you want to work on your computer using free wifi, then that is the only place, and obviously there is music and stuff going on. But all in all it was good.

Duc Tuan Hotel Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Excellent with great view

Happy Guest House

Siem Reap, Cambodia

The Wifi does not work inside the rooms. It only works in a common area and even there it is very slow. Their took took service is very expensive, you can get cheaper on the street. Location OK, but not the best. Very dirty. Also they charged me an extra dollar to turn on hot water in my room and even then the guy was watching when I came and leave to keep turning it off!!

Penpark Place

Bangkok, Thailand

Great place!!

Lub Sbuy Guest House

Phuket, Thailand

The room was super modern and nice. Good wifi.

Abbasi Palace Hotel

Amman, Jordan

Very friendly people at this hotel. Hugs from Dario (Spain)

Pousada Terra Nossa

Salvador, Brazil

This is located in Pelourinho, the historic district. The person that runs it is a beautiful italian lady Marlene. It is a good enough place. Room is very nice. Unlike previous reports, the place has NO WiFi also hot water didn't work, but that might not be a problem in Bahia.

Albergue Buenos Aires

El Calafate, Argentina

This is a small cabin house which they have turned into a really bussy hostel. It is very noisy and you hear everything. Some rooms dont have bathroom so guests have to exit their rooms to go to the bathroom and in the process they will slam the door many times. On top of that they had NO Microwave even in the public kitchen. Calafate is expensive, but if you can find something else for the same price, go to that other place.


Tunis, Tunisia

I got there late at night and it was raining and I wanted to get to my room as soon as possible. Well, the very slow receptionist looks at his computer and says he has no reservation for me. Then I pull the printout from hostelworld. Still he calls his boss and are talking for an hour. Then he sits to calculate how much I have to pay, even though in the hostelworld printout the amount was clearly written. Which wasnt even cheap, took 2 hours of screaming to get a room where heating didnt work.

Posada Soleya

Cancun, Mexico

This is a private house with rooms converted for guests. Therefore the room was nice and there was hot water and WIFI. The location is not too bad but it is in a residential street and there is a stretch of dark road you have to walk in order to get to the happening street. But I am told Cancun is safe.

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Hy Dario, Thanks for your comment!, We really want to improve in all that we can!, and we didnĀ“t know that the road was that dark, I mean i walk at night and any other tourist said nothing about that. But thats the reason of this space, and dont worry we are going to check ti! thanks very much!

Lisbon Chillout Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Someones apartment turned into a busy hostal. It is seriously uncomfortable. I had a busy bathroom shared by everyone right in front of my door. The location is too far from where the party - happening area of lisbon is. Too expensive for what it is. The receptionist was very nice and helpful, that was the only strong point of the place. The mattress was quite dirty.

Residencial Parque

Funchal, Portugal

The WiFi worked really well!! The view was really nice. The only low point was that the receptionist had the radio on while talking to me, but other than that it was great.

The Secret Garden Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Very good hostel. WIFI worked very well. Very clean. Good. Hot water worked. A bit of a walk away from the historical main square, but still within town.

Youth Hostel Basel City

Basel, Switzerland

Very expensive for what it is. I had a single without a bathroom or shower booked two months ahead and it came to around $50 Euros. But then its Switzerland. Check in was not allowed till 3pm with all the consequent problems. Also no proper internet options there. For that high price they could at least provide 3 or 4 free internet terminals.

Smart Hyde Park Inn Hostel

London, England

For the price it is good. The locatin is fun right next to a very happening street and there is a bus that runs all night that goes to Victoria Station. The sheets were clean. The only problem is that they seriously need to pain the inside of the rooms. Also during the midnight shift one of their male staffs was sort of annoying during checkout.

YHA Bristol

Bristol, England

I was in a 4-male dorm. The room was just too small for 4 people. There was only 1 electric socket which went the 4 of us were competing for it to recharge our adapters. Dont expect to sleep much. Ha ha...

Hotel des Ambassadeurs

Toulouse, France

Everything Alright. Wish they had free internet with couple of terminals. Other than that it was all good.

Astor Victoria

London, England

Very nice, great people... It has coin breakfast. Everything great and at a good price