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BB Fly and Beach

Rome Fiumicino, Italy

This was a perfect place to stay the night before I left on a 6am flight the next morning. The really nice man working at the hotel even packed me a little breakfast to go before he drove me to the airport at 4am. The location is near the beach with views of the water. The neighborhood is very quiet and residential, and I walked to a nearby family-run pizza place for dinner, which was perfect. Wifi was good, although my phone couldn't pick it up in my room, but my computer could.

B&B DolceVita

Sorrento, Italy

Such a wonderful stay here! Ended up staying an extra night! With the balcony doors open the wonderful sounds of Sorrento come in, but as soon as you close the doors it's totally silent - great sound proofing. The man who runs this hotel is so helpful and clearly loves Sorrento and the surrounding area - he gave us many tips on how to do all the things we wanted to without breaking the bank! Maybe would have liked to have a lockbox, but the hotel felt 100% safe anyway. I'd definitely come again!

Piccolo Hotel Etruria

Siena, Italy

The staff at this place were phenomenal! They were so helpful and friendly, with perfect English, amazing restaurant recommendations, and they even helped us contact our guide for our wine tour to help us arrange a tour through Tuscany! The rooms were pretty average in terms of decor, but everything was clean. The location was fabulous - very little street noise, yet just a few steps away from Campo. The only downside is that the 6 euro breakfast wasn't anything to write home about.

Franz House

Florence, Italy

Franz house was great! The view from our room of the Arno river was spectacular! We were totally enchanted staying here! Giovanni was extremely helpful giving us great advice on how to tour Florence in a few quick days - he even offered to start breakfast a few minutes early so that we could be sure to get a bite in before heading to Uffizi in the morning like we planned! I would definitely stay here again, and would recommend it as well! The wifi was extremely fast too!

San Geremia Rooms

Venice, Italy

We had a beautiful room on a corner, looking out over the square in two directions. The room was very clean and towels were provided. The bathroom was also clean and everything worked fine. The view from our room was amazing. The only downside was that we would leave the windows open at night (instead of using AC) and some noise came in. But, we thought the noise was pleasant for the most part! Also, there was a curfew, but that didn't bother us. Would recommend!

Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

the lock to our room didn't work, but other than that everything was perfect- and there were lockers inside the room, so it wasn't a big deal anyway. everyone was really nice, the beds were comfy, everything was really clean, and the ambiance was really pleasant. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!


this hostel would have been really nice if a few things had been different. I was in a 10 bed dorm, and it had all the expected noises- people coming in late, or leaving early- which wasn't a big problem because people are generally respectful. But, each bed had a curtain, which I first thought was great- a little added privacy! But, I think many people took that sign of privacy to mean they could do ANYTHING in their beds... with themselves, or with other people... People were generally pretty discreet, bu


Strasbourg, France

i stayed in a three bed dorm, and was actually alone two of the three nights. Everything was perfectly clean, the beds were super comfortable, and the location is awesome. The shower, which was in the room, was warm and perfect after a really cold day- also the bedding was wonderfully warm and comfortable! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

Serai Inn

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A little bit flavorless, but this place definitely got the job done. We had a pretty uncomfy bed- but definitely fine for just sleeping on for a night or two. Was definitely clean, which was a priority for me! Breakfast was just some white bread with margarine and jam- definitely better to just walk out into Chinatown and grab something off the streets. The staff were friendly though! and the location is good.

Luton Hotel Residence

Luton, England

we stayed twice in this hotel, and both times it was absolutely perfect. we were only staying in transit to other places (has really easy access to the airport by a short taxi, or a free (i think) shuttle to the city center), and even though it was never our main destination, both times we really enjoyed ourselves. There are some cheap restaurants nearby, a place to play pool next door if youre interested, and its just a few easy blocks to the city center where you can catch a movie if you have a few unoccupied hours in Luton. I definitely recommend this place. Completely wonderful staff who really just want to make your stay comfortable!

Luton Hotel Residence

Luton, England

bed was so comfortable! no breakfast included, but there are lots of good inexpensive places to eat nearby. So close to the airport- it cant be beat!