Reviews: Anonymous

Chalet Haute Boheme B&B

Chamonix, France

I really liked the place, it is a cute chalet pretty close to Chamonix. Lots to do around. Our host made us dinner one night, which was really nice and it was delicious. The room was cosy with a very comfortable bed, and the bathrooms were nice. My only dislike was the fact that as far as I could tell, no doors were ever locked, and we weren't given a room key.

Urban Hideaway Guesthouse

Vancouver, Canada

One of the best hostels I have stayed in.  More like a bed and breakfast, except you make your own breakfast.  The room was cute and had a good view.  The owners were very helpful.  The only thing I worried about was the car, because break ins are very common in that area, but apparently this is true throughout most of the city.