Reviews: fresh3001

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 35

I stayed two weeks there its a great spot. Its only a couple blocks from the main drags of south beach but in that area its not to hard to find parking. At this time there is no curfew in the common area but that may change like it did at Jazz. Hot tube is great and there is a pool which can get dirty at times but its ok. Overall its a great place to stay and have a good time throughout the night.

HI Washington DC

Washington DC, USA

The Staff there are very unprofessional people and the ladies there act like they are on the street rather than at work. The Asian manager there is a very rude person. When request to speak with the manager rather him come to talk with the customer he relayed the message to one of the rude staffers. I would never go back and the only reason i went back the second time cause of the location for business. If want a friendly staff this is not the place to go.

Plaza Toledo Bettyes Guest House

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The experience with this property was very bad. I suppose my experince was unique because of every one elses experince was very good thats why I chose this property. When i got to the airport the taxi was there to pick us up but this was the only good thing. When i got to the property a older lady took our bags to a room with six beds. We booked a two bed private. We could not communicate with this lady cause she didnt speak english and we dont speak spanish. She keep telling us that there are no private rooms. We asked to speak with Betty but the lady shook her head that Betty was not there. We called the number on the printout but the call went straight to voice mail. So we was assed out. We was so mad but luckily that my friend had a friend in DR that took as to the Discovery Hotel which cost us $50 each more. Funny after the first day of walking around we realized that we where only blocks away from Betty's place. We went back again the next day to talk to Betty but we found out through a person hanging around that spoke english(One of the many tour guides that will eventually ask you for money) that she was away and the women that was there the first day doesnt know when she will be back. Then this lady went to a door along side the house and open a room with someone in it to show us the private room. It was a older white lady with an american accent ( i believed it to be Betty because all the hostels i have been in i dont remember ever seeing a white lady in her 60's staying in any of them) telling us how good the place was but at the same time upset that they just open her room up with her in it like nothing with no respect what so ever. The lady that was there was dumb as a post. HOw does she first tell us there isnt any private rooms then show us an OCCUPIED ONE the next day. After that day my friend and I didnt go back to seek an explanation from Betty because she probably wouldnt be there. Another thing that got me is when i tried to call Betty from the property that lady told me they dont have a phone. HOw in the hell does a place of business dont have a phone? So this is my experience from this property. Maybe Others had a different experience and maybe you will to but this is my experience and you have been warned.

Youth Hostel Meetingpoint

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Very nice place and in the middle of every thing. Cant get a better location. Security is excellent. Every one is verified when entering the property. The lockers in the property can fit all your belongings(well at least it should). I will visit again when having the opprotunity. If you dont have a reservation already chances are you will not be able to just walk in cause its always booked. three thumbs up :}

Samesun Venice Beach

Los Angeles, USA

Mad cool place. Location is the best your right there on the beach. Very secure place. NO one can just go in the hostel no time of day. You have to be buzzed up. I will go back when ever possible


Great location a block away from the train. very inexepensive compared to the hotels in the area. Nice room clean but smelled like smoke. Free hot breakfest in the morning. WHen I go to Boston again i definately stay there again. very good