Reviews: juanfcocanton

Location: Spain, Gender: Male, Age: 35

Smart Hyde Park Inn Hostel

London, England

Typical backpacking in London. Practical in terms of location.

Hotel des Olympiades

Paris, France

Awful internet connection. Single rooms with shared toilet scare.

Locanda Art�

Venice, Italy

They use low consum bulblights. Which is enviromentally nice but can be really dim. Very clean bathroom though installation are not new. Depending on the sort of guests it can be noisy since the wall are not very thick. Location is perfect, staff very considerate. I shall recomend it.

Hotel Bilbi

Bilbao, Spain

Brand new remodeled hotel in old building (kind of modern Berliner design). Quite close to oldtown (2 streets away). Really worth: price, cleanliness, as good as new,... Owner owns NH (famous Spanish hotel chain). Top terrace which I couldn’t spy but looks great from the street.

Urban House

San Sebastian, Spain

Quite tiny bunks, shared bathrooms very cleaned but old rugs in them. Perfect location, it may be too noisy. Kind of backpackers place.

Kona Tau

Easter Island, Chile

Excellent breakfast.... Common porch is opposite to the rooms, so it may get noisier at night. 8 rooms or so not so crowed. Lots of plants so you really seem to be lost in the middle of a jungle. Really clean! Best YHI in years....

Hotel Gamla Stan

Stockholm, Sweden

Very good location between old and modern Stockholm. Sharing toilets it’s the only con I can find.

BCN Loft

Barcelona, Spain

The thing is they've got different locations around the city. Ours in El Raval (Carre En Roig) was awful. Dirty toilettes though cleaned daily. (Too much humidity) Noise neighbours. Tiny, tiny rooms. Street door could be easily opened by pushing. Maybe other locations are better.

Hostel Park

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Quite old building, showers & toilets. (Amazing in Ljubljana) Location incredible. Just for a few nigths (1 or 2)

Generator Hostel London

London, England

Very old. Quite disgusting toilets & showers. Lots of young people looking for cheap accomodation and fun as well.

Apartment Hospital

Barcelona, Spain

It is hard to climb up 5 Raval floors, the no airconditioning and to stand the inner yard noise as well but in the end it is a nearly brand new apartment with all its facilities (even washing machine & dish washer). Perfect for independency. Check in time is 14.00 (we had to wait nearly 2 hours) Best location.

Hotel Luxia

Paris, France

Tourist location. Old place but clean & quiet. (Something normal in Paris). Breakfast included. Perfect for a weekend.

Village Inn Hostel

New York, USA

2 people rooms are quite small (hot) and they don't have hooks or hanger. We took a chair from the common room. Wifi access but no computer. Really new and best location.

Edinburgh Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

Double rooms ensuite are great and not in the main building. Problem is nosie at weekend nights.

Zimmer Ertel Hostel

St Petersburg, Russia

The shower were specially dirty. Beds were not comfortable at all. More like and old guest house than a youth hostel itself.

Paraiso Travellers Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

I was in B&B for work. The place wass incredible. I would repeat. The only problem was an engish lad who staretd singing at 3.00 in teh morning all drunk. But the staff was really ashamed of it....


Venice, Italy

Totally new and has kitchen facilities. Gives yoy idependence as it's separated from the hotel reception.