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Brilliant hostel, friendly staff, only place I ever stay at in Galway

Spoon and the Stars

Drogheda, Ireland

Great hostel, very nice & hospitable staff. Will definitely be staying here again the next time I'm in Drogheda.

Smart Hyde Park Inn Hostel

London, England

Great hostel, perfect location right on the central line means its easy to get to day or not. Rooms are a little cramped but the cleanliness & location more than make up for this. All the beds in my room had curtains so there is some privacy which is always appreciated at a hostel

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Thank you for the good words!


I've stayed in a lot of hostels in Galway and this was by far the best one.

Paddy's Palace Belfast

Belfast, Northern Ireland

No customer comment

Helter Skelter Hostel

Berlin, Germany

No customer comment

Ritchie's Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

No customer comment

HI-Calgary City Centre

Calgary, Canada

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terrible hostel, rude staff,the only good thing about this place is the location and free wifi, the description of the place is one of the best examples of creative writing i've ever seen. "We are even equipped with our own restaurant in the lobby." = there is a microwave beside vending machines "Common Room" = the lobby, which has 2 sofa's in it "Restaurant" = well im not to sure, there is one next door, but not in the hostel if i was returning to denver i would either fork out for a hotel room s


Really nice hostel in a good location. Some people have complained about having to put a deposit on dish's etc but i think its fair. I've stayed in so many hostels that all the plates are dirty and people just leave it for everyone else to clean up for them, this system on a small deposit makes you clean your own stuff, its unfortunate that this is needed, but i'd support it in any hostel i stay in


Nice hostel, Nice staff, a lot of teenagers (16-18) so if that isnt you cup of tea avoid