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Location: Germany, Gender: Male, Age: 37

The Celtic Cross

Sucre, Bolivia

this hostel is very clean, rooms are big, also beds are big, the facilities are clean, the owner is very nice, helpfull and friendly. this is one of the best hostels i ever stayed in.

Casona Potosi Hostal

Potosi, Bolivia

the hostel is ok, it does not have lockers for your valuables, it just has big lockers for backpacks etc. but you need a big lock to close them. cleanliness of showres and toilets was ok, rooms were clean. staff was not extremely motivated.

Goiabada com Queijo Hostel

Ouro Preto, Brazil

i am now travelling in south america since 3 months. this was the best hostel until now. everything is clean. the rooms, the bathrooms, the showers (i also want to mention that sowers and bathrooms are spacious). the beds are very comfortable. the stuff is absolutely lovely. i arrived very early in the morning (around 6 o'clock) and although the hostel would be closed at that time, they agreed on receiving me. they also give a lot of information about cultural events and parties etc.

Copa Fun Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

nice and clean hostel, very friendly staff, very helpful as well, excellent location. the only problem is : the toilets and the showers are very small.

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Thanks for your review we will work on for improving.

A la Gurda Hostel Tucuman

San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina

very clean, very good beds, very nice staff

Punto Urbano

Mendoza, Argentina

when i arrived bed in the evening was not made (because landry service was late in the morning). no toilet paper in room and rubbish bin in bathroom full (because they dont empty them on sundays) and in most common toilets there was no toilet paper either (because showers are integrated in toilets and it would be impossible to keep the paper dry). my gutts were close to exploding - big problem. showers disgustingly filthy. only hostel since 10 years i left only hostel i left after first night.

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Many thanks for your comments. We apologize for the inconveniece you had and will improve the cleanliness and the other facilities.

Castillo Surfista Hostel

Santiago, Chile

good place, excellent location and truly nice staff

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Thanks for the compliments!

Hostal Caracol

Valparaiso, Chile

location is good. the american girl at the reception is really friendly and very helpfull but as soon as she has left in the late afternoon, no one in the hostel speaks any english and no one really seems to care or make any effort to try to communicate with you somehow in case you have questions or problems. cleanliness could really be improved especially in bathrooms and showers. also the kitchen could need some renewal but no one really seems to care about many things.

Compass del Sur

Puerto Varas, Chile

clean hostel with big rooms and nice staff. they can help you to organize tours and cars. especially to be mentioned are the beds which were very comfortable.

Marcopolo Inn

Bariloche, Argentina

hostel was ok. but then i got a problem. i had reserved 2 nights and extended it to 3 nights and payed. when i checked out, i was asked to pay the 3rd night which was already payed, it was their mistake. but they did not want to discuss. so i payed. but then i cancelled the further nights i had reserved for 3 days later. so they did not let me store my luggage there anymore. i wanted to leave on a mountain trek and had to find a place to store my luggage elsewhere at 8 in the morning. very bad.

The Bug Backpackers

Nelson, New Zealand

good and nice hostel, a bit far from the center. owners are very very nice and sooo helpful. facilities are clean, just the free bicycles are not good and not safe

Backpackers by the Bay

Airlie Beach, Australia

a truly nice hostel with truly nice staff that cares if things go wrong.

Bunk Backpackers

Brisbane, Australia

this is a very commercial hostel, i never had any hostel that was so eager and aggressive when it was about selling bustickets, tours etc. what i also did not like is that they dont take a key deposit in cash but were relatively agressively insisting on storing my credit card data for that. everyone knows that something like this is not safe as the reception computers are connected to the internet and most probably poorly administrated. so it would be easy for hackersto steal credit card details

Bounce Sydney

Sydney, Australia

bouce is really ok, staff is helpful, just internet is kind of expensive

Krowi Inn

Surabaya, Indonesia

krowi inn is a really good place. the staff does not really speak english, but the owner is always available via phone and speks really good english. he is always willing to show tourists things, to explain, to help organizing things. a very motivated and social person. when i had a problem he came from home within 10 minutes (he lives close) and brought me to a pharmacy. a really good place.

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Thanks for staying at Krowi Inn and for your excellent review. We always try to help our guests whenever we can. I know how it feels to be in a foreign country without knowing anybody and having language barrier, especially when you have problem. Our guests' satisfaction and comfort is our goal.

Kampoeng Djawa

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The stay in kampoeng jawa was really nice. The staff are attentive and concerned about how to get from a to b. they recommended public buses and always tell you precisely how to get where you want to go to. They also helped us to organise a theatre visit in the evening. Very helpful, clean, safe and worth staying there. I can recommend that place ... just the breakfast was sincerely bad

Kampoeng Djawa

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

very nice and helpfull staff, rooms were clean and really ok. just the breakfast was not good. after the 1st breakfast we always ate outside. but they helped us with so many things and helped us to avoid ripp offs.

Six Degrees

Jakarta, Indonesia

the hostel is generally clean and the 8 bed dorm is in fact nicer than the 6 bed dorm, because the 8 bed dorm has sleeping modules and that gives you more privacy and a better sleep. the hostel is owned by a couple and has local staff working there. the man of the couple, david, is a very correct person and helpful. his wife though ... well, that depends the mood of the day. she can be very nice but she can also be very moody and react quite harshly.

Kayun Hostel

Kuta, Indonesia

the hostel as such was good, clean, staff was polite. a problem that i faced was that they were not always able to control their chaos ... on a wednesday i had asked them to organize for me a car to ubud for the next day (thursday) and a ticket and a pick-up for the fast boat to lombok for the day after the next day (friday). on thursday there was no car for the trip to ubud booked and the boat for friday had been reserved for saturday, so that they quickly had to reorganize everything.