Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 36


Florence, Italy

Thanks for the stay!

Sandy Hostel

Rome, Italy

Lovely time in Rome. Thanks for the stay!

Pil Pil Hostel

Bilbao, Spain

Great place to stay in Bilbao! Thanks!

Friend's Hostel

Paris, France

RATS! Leaking shower, constant floods in the halls. Sketchy security (flatmate got bags stolen out of luggage room during stay). No system of checking if what you are taking out of "locker room" is actually yours. Didn't check passport. Smelly, reused bedding. Room left unlocked, anyone can come in to select what they want. RATS! Squeaky, rickety bunks with exposed sharp metal. Super dodgy neighborhood, though right across from metro station. Doors open and close VERY loudly. No sleep! BAD!

St Christopher's Camden

London, England

hi-tech card locks are too much for this place to handle... got locked out of my room and there were no staff to be found. Apparently this happens often. Basically paid for a room I couldn't get to, but where all of my belongings were locked until breakfast, at whcih time I finally was able to brush my teeth... not too great of an experience.

Dover Castle Hostel and Bar

London, England

nice place if you need somewhere close to waterloo/London Bridge. Nice staff, friendly helpful knowledgable... night bar scene was pretty young for my tastes, but that would not be bad for all. Great hostel. Thanks