Reviews: Anonymous

Gender: Female, Age: 30

Cheers Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Beautiful room (I stayed in the 6-person female), great location. The breakfast buffet was fantastic--best I had in Istanbul. The staff was courteous and friendly. The roof bar is beautiful and has a great view of the Aya Sofia. Also the fellow travelers I met were so much fun, the atmosphere was wonderful!


This hostel is at the base of the Sacre Coeur. There's a beautiful patio and the breakfast was delicious (croissants, amazing coffee, baguettes, butter). The staff are friendly and we met a bunch of really nice people there. Clean and attractive rooms with bathrooms ensuite although the push button shower left much to be desired. Overall very highly recommended!

Woodstock Hostel

Paris, France

Really well decorated place. very small lobby/bar area, and it's a 2am curfew. The beds were not very nice and you have to pay for sheets. It is a very hip looking place though. Oh, and they won't let you bring in your own alcohol.