Reviews: Anonymous

Location: France, Age: 34

A small hostel. Nice staff but narrow check-in times.

ACBB Hostel Niagara

Niagara Falls, Canada

The owner is very knowledgeable and always happy to help every one of his guests. However, he's also touchy if you don't follow his advice and he's quick to judge people. Otherwise the hostel feels friendly and is comfortable, though security could be better. Breakfast sounded awesome when he talked about it but in the end it's just some fruits, a muffin and a yogurt. But the best thing about this hostel is its location, right next to the falls, and there's a great bike rental a few blocks away.

Hostel Buffalo Niagara

Buffalo, USA

A good hostel. Not many tourists, so you'll see some students and workers staying there for longer periods of time. Also, as a result, everybody goes to bed early and gets up early. But there's nothing to do in the city really, and you'll probably want to get up early to go to the Falls (which is probably why you're there) anyway.

Downtown Washington Hostel

Washington DC, USA

The owner is very unfriendly and even rude to guests and employees alike. They also have very strict rules like I've rarely seen in any other hostel (strictly no food or drink in the rooms, even water ; no shoes even though they lack carpet ; you're assigned a specific bed and can't take another in the same room, even if it's still free or if the current person occupying it is okay to exchange). They have only 3 bathrooms for the whole hostel and no key is needed to access the bedrooms. Etc.

Second Home Hostels

Seattle, USA

One of the friendliest hostels of my month-long trip across the US (only beaten by an excellent hostel in Québec). Very convenient location, right next to the airport. Cozy feeling, they deserve the Second Home name.

Hilo Bay Hostel

Hilo, USA

Hilo is not a very touristic town, so most of the dorm guests there are local students or workers. An average honest hostel, nothing outstanding, nothing really bad except security — the dorm door didn't even have a lock. Another downside is that they charge an extra if you want to leave your bag after checkout, even though they don't have a secure place to put it in (you're just invited to drop it in the hallway, where everyone comes and goes) and there is no supervision at all.

Encore Express Hotel/Hostel

San Francisco, USA

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The owner lady is very nice and she works very hard to run her business. The hostel is a honest place to stay, even though the bathroom is not the cleanest I've seen. Sometimes the noise can be an issue, as there is a night club right next to it. But the location, at walking distance from both the airport, the waterfront and the downtown, is unbeatable.

USA Hostels San Francisco

San Francisco, USA

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Strasbourg, France

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No customer comment

Adelaide Hostel and Hotel

San Francisco, USA

Nice and convenient hostel

The Globetrotter Inn Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland

Perfect if you want to enjoy nature and relax in a comfortable environment. Less good if you want to visit the city.

Le Montclair Montmartre

Paris, France

A small but convenient hotel.