Reviews: ywerling

Location: France, Gender: Male, Age: 32

Unfortunately, I had to cancel this reservation but the staff vas very friendly and accepted to refund me fully even if it was to late. Great people !

Broadway Hotel n Hostel

New York, USA

Next to three grocery stores, subway and restaurants. Dorm rooms look like cells (not even a table) but normal rooms are well equiped. Elevator slower than using stairs.. Staff very helpful.

Alibi M14 Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

This hostel is amazingly clean and brand new. Very modern.


Very clean and modern

Hostel U Melounu

Prague, Czech Republic

No fun and no activities but interesting location at a good price. At the begining we should have made a change of room but the staff found a way to make us stay in the same room for the same price.

Husa Reina Victoria

Valencia, Spain

Looks like a 4 star hotel from the outside, but at a very cheap price. Big rooms and bathrooms. Amazing

The Red Boat Mälaren

Stockholm, Sweden

A very original and pleasant place to stay. Close to all major point of interrests. The hotel is beautiful and cheap. The only bad point is the toilets : they are very small, showers don\'t have any lockers and water is more than hot !

Citi Hostels

Dublin, Ireland