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Location: Finland, Gender: Female, Age: 35

Feel Hostels City Center

Malaga, Spain

I REALLY wanted to give this hostel a great review. After all, it has excellent location & the staff are brilliant- so friendly and very helpful. But. I didn't get a wink of sleep. My dorm faced the street on one side, and the other faced the lounge. Most other people seemed to be 20-year old Americans overexcited about being able to drink legally. And so they did- shrieking and shouting at 1am, 3.30am, 6am- throughout the night. Also, the bathrooms could have done with extra cleaning session.


Granada, Spain

Lovely new hostel, super-clean, great location. Staff have worked obviously hard on it! It still lacks a tad of atmosphere, but that's fairly common in new hostels. Few minor improvements would include hand towels in bathrooms and bathmats- floors in february tend to be cold! But otherwise, they have a good thing going, and at this rate, i wished i had stayed longer!

Akureyri Backpackers

Akureyri, Iceland

Wonderful place, great location, security and a FREE sauna! Loved the place and had a great sleep as well as nice evenings in the bar, thanks!

Hlemmur Square

Reykjavik, Iceland

I loved the place. It was clean, comfy, and the staff- I would rate them outstanding if I could! The only thing lacking is the atmosphere, but that's only cos the place is new and is still being put together. Once it develops a bit more personality, it will be golden. One of my favourites on a 7-month trip.

The New York Loft Hostel

New York, USA

I had mixed feelings about this hostel. In one way, the location in Bushwick/ East Williamsburg is great, & it is close to 2 metrolines, with awesome loft rooms- and in other hand, the staff were either really nice or just bit off. The prices seemed to move up and down too, which was annoying. I had originally booked 2 nights at 45 bucks each, but when I extended it, I was told it was 55. At the same time,a new person arriving paid the 45. Frustrating. Also, breakfast is free but VERY unhealthy!

Duo Housing DC

Washington DC, USA

I don't really get why this place is rated so well.It is far from centre, public transport & the party streets- on the map, location looks ok but there is nothing close by.I had an upper bunk,so close to ceiling that I couldn't sit up in it,had a bright red "exit" sign on wall,shining brothel-like light on my face all night.They treated guests like kids,lots of rules,signing of waivers etc.The place had about as much character as a hospital,and gave cardboard-like ready-mix pancakes for brekkie.

Yellow HouseHostel

Medellin, Colombia

Lovely hostel, Vincent and his dogs are wonderful. Very close to the metro, the area is quiet and residential, not a party place, but very safe to walk around after dark. My only negative comment would be that the dorms are very dim (so no chance of reading in bed etc) but this is really a minor thing. Breakfast is great and this is one of the best hostel deals around.

Luna's Castle Hostel

Panama City, Panama

Great place to hang out and meet others. The bar downstairs is good value, and frequented by the locals too. The privates were VERY noisy, right above the bar, and a few mornings there were massive clumps of hair in the showers...they could do with a few more showers too as there was always a queue. Great atmospeare and lots of room for relaxing and lazing around.

Hostel Vista Serena

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Location is not on the beach which is what I kind of gathered from the hostel overview. It does have a lovely view, but it is in the middle of nowhere between Quepos and Manuel Antonio beach, and you need a bus or taxi to get to the beach. Staff were lovely, but during the time of my stay, the place was full of rowdy young american kids, so not a particularly relaxing atmospeare. Still, one of the cheapest places around.

Hostel Sheck

Tulum, Mexico

Lovely hostel. The dorms are big but separeted to sections to give a bit of privacy. They were very dark though, so reading etc was hard after dark. It also got ridiculously hot. There is always something hot for breakfast which is really nice, and its a great meeting place for people. Rates are cheaper if you walk in, the 10% hostelworld charge ends up being paid by the guest, so a bit peeved about that- usually the hostel absorbs this better to walk in than to book online.

The Yak

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

This hostel has a great airconditioning in the dorms and it makes a huge difference after months of sauna-like dorms! Staff are nice,helpful & knowledgable.The dorms were clean but seemed to have a perpetual layer of sand on the floor. Very nice place to lounge around, relaxing.The only thing that was a minus was that there seems to be a HUGE amount of long-term residents who are clicky & tend to take over the public areas and dorms-as a guest for few nights, you feel very much like an intruder!

Poc na Hostel

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Was a bit disappointed with this hostel. The staff were grumpy& more interested in turning a quick buck than being helpful. I spent 3 years studying spanish and am eager to practice, yet every time I said something in Spanish, I got a response in English. When I asked if we could speak Spanish, the barman answered no, because it was important everyone understood him. I felt patronised and humiliated. Some of the dorms were big and clean,some very crowded & dirty. Food served had varying quality.


Merida, Mexico

Quite possibly the best hostel I've ever stayed in. Beautiful big pool with hammocks in the pool, free cooking lessons, salsa, yoga. Great staff, so helpful. Would recommend without a doubt.

Posada del Abuelito

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

This is a really lovely hostel, with friendly staff and nice atmosphere, interesting excursions.The only minus I would give it is the lack of security- the front gate is open all day & dorm doors are wide open- it would be easy for someone to walk in from the street and grab stuff- especially as the lockers are not large enough to hold a whole suitcase/backpack. One day we came back from an excursion and couldn't find anyone around, with all the doors open to the street. Otherwise, lovely place.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Thank you very much for the review. We precise that there is always a worker in the posada, 24/24. Nilly was here when you came back from your excursion. Talking about security is very important. Someone stall your clothes, you've just bought. And you did put them on your bed. You had the opportunity to use the locker of the dorm (enough to put your money, passeport, ...) or the free luggage storage where you can put a whole suitcase/backpack. This room is always locked and only the staff has the key. You told me you didn't think about leaving your things inside because you had a bad experience in an other hostal. We will continue to advice the hosts to use this room, and not leave their important personal belongings in the dorm, unless they are in the locker, as it is written on the wall of the dorm. You can be sure, that we we will work in order to increase the quality of the security.

Azul Cielo Hostel

Oaxaca, Mexico

This is an amazing hostel. Its very homey, with a beautiful grass courtyard (rare), comfy lounge area, and its spotlessly clean. The staff are the best- I got ill and they helped me with everything and even visited me in the hospital. There are DVD´s, books, games, free internet and water and beers for sale. The only minor minus would be that it´s not the closest hostel to the centre, but its still a very walkable distance. Have stayed in lots of hostels and this is one of the best!

Heathrow Lodge

London, England

Very basic hotel, a little grim but clean enough & close to heathrow for an early morning departure. Would really recommend only using it if you have a flight first thing- not a place to lounge around for days. Free tfl bus to terminal 5 goes from right outside.


This hostel could potentiall be very nice. Its quite new, I think, and lot of things still don't work perfectly, like the lounge area is drab, the kitchen part small, and the bathroom door didn't lock properly. Having the shower cubicle in the dorm area makes it very humid, and the cubicle is SO small its hard to get changed in it. Staff were helpful and knowledgable about the area, but they need to work in the character and atmospeare. Big plus on nice coffee though in the mornings.

Jaffa Gate Hostel

Jerusalem, Israel

its a great place, nice and clean, staff soooo friendly, such a great location, you will be happy there, i will come back again