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Location: Australia, Gender: Male, Age: 35

Hostel Mare

Sibenik, Croatia

reception was very helpful. they gave suggestions for places to visit and stay for the rest of our road trip which were great suggestions! also very helpful with parking suggestions for us while we were staying there. overall, great experience :)

Drifter Jack's Hostel

Austin, USA

good staff, good vibe, good location. all round goodness :)

Bash and Crash Hostel

La Paz, Bolivia

No customer comment

Carpe Noctem Vitae

Budapest, Hungary

Although tucked away, with simple directions this hostel was easy to find. The staff here were super friendly and helpful. On arrival i got the low down on the whole city and knew what places to hit in my short time there. Nice and modern hostel, comfy beds, clean common areas and kitchen and free wi-fi also. highly recommended!!


showers/toilets need a re-vamp. terrible. also change the shower curtains, they are filthy. i know its a hostel, but i felt dirtier leaving the showers than i did walking in. also, i know it doesnt get hot very much in london, but i was there when it was, and the rooms were unbearably hot, and we couldnt open the windows to let in the fresh air. great location, dont let that be your only good thing.

Flying Pig Downtown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

great location, helpful staff. bathrooms need a look at, as the showers ended up wetting the whole friken room!!had to towel down the toilet seat afterwards just to have a poo !! all good though, but worth a look into.

Kabul Backpackers Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

not that you care about hanging in your room to much when you're on a holiday, but if you did want to, you wont have much luck here. i think ive seen prison cells larger than these rooms! a bit too squashy in a 4 bed dorm when you're all trying to get showered changed and packed. lucky we all knew eachother! great location, good staff, highly recommended place to stay. barcelona rocks! also, the yank chick at the reception with the amazing rack. i know you wanted me in the locker room, wish you made a move on me. hot stuff!!! grrrrrr! hahaha

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

dont stay here if you expect to have an ounce of sleep. we had a room that had a bathroom that everyone on the floor had to use. there was no point locking the room door, cos everyone could open it anyway to use our shower and toilet. totally stupid set up. we all hated staying here.

Dubrovnik Youth Service

Dubrovnik, Croatia

great location. only downfall was the old man running the joint that looked like Rodney Dangerfield. Old dude accused us of something we didnt do, then went off his head in Croatian. Thanks to his English speaking daughter, all was resolved. apart from that, good joint to stay at.

Villa Sandra Hvar

Hvar, Croatia

great place to stay. friendly owners. clean and simple. was happy to accomodate for 4 guys, thank you for that! highly recomended.

Bulovic Guesthouse

Split, Croatia

great location. funny staff. Igor i think he's name was. cool bloke. smallest rooms, but we werent there to chill in the rooms. great location, only 30 seconds from the city centre. cant beat it!