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Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 33

Dar Lalla Kenza

Fez, Morocco

Ben, the guy who runs the place, is a nice guy, but make no mistake, he is in it for the money. As a host, he definitely needs some more years of practice. We had a few situations regarding his attitude that got me and my girlfriend a bit irritated. Also, do not book the ensuite double room downstairs. Very little privacy, it is incredibly humid and the bed definitely has bedbugs, my girlfriend got dozens of bites during our 2 nights stay. Other rooms seem ok.

Riad Baraka

Chefchaouen, Morocco

This place is the bomb. Everything is great about it. My girlfriend and I booked the double bed room with bathroom and were both super happy with it. Make sure to book in advance and go enjoy the awesome terrace's view.

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Thanks mate really happy you enjoyed the baraka!

Dar Bargach

Tangier, Morocco

Good place to stay. The lady at the reception is extremely nice and got great recommendations. Breakfast is fine, rooms are ok (a little humid maybe). The location is great and easy to find. We got a taxi that took us there directly from the train station while asking us for the right price. My only real concern is about the noise coming from the reception area. There was quite a bit of chatting until 1-2 AM when we were there and the whole thing echos a lot. Earplugs required.


I quite enjoyed staying at Alessandro's. The staff is really helpful, rooms are well furnished and the location is just perfect. Right next to the Termini station, it is not a very touristy area so you do not have to navigate across a sea of tourists to get there. The all you can eat breakfast (worth 4 Euros) is decent enough and you can find some pretty good restaurants nearby. We stayed on the second floor and we didn't hear much at night. All in all, a very modern and nice hostel!

Il Nosadillo

Bologna, Italy

If you have a preference for smaller hostels like me, you will love Il Nosadillo. The staff is really super nice and the location is perfect. Big rooms, no bunk beds, locked storage space for everyone, very speedy WiFi, nice kitchen, clean bathrooms and warm water.. Really, I am not sure what could be better.

Ostello S. Fosca

Venice, Italy

We stayed only one night in Venice and we booked a basic twin private. The room had seen better days and could have used some paint, but who cares! Extremely nicely located (relatively easy to find), very nice staff, clean facilities.. It is not the liveliest hostel I have seen, but it is perfect if you want to sleep in a quiet location. I would definitely come back.

Lake Como Hostel La Primula

Lake Como, Italy

We stayed in Lake Como for 2 nights and booked a 6 bed dorm in La Primula. Great staff, great location (we came by car mind you) and beautiful views. The food is pretty good at night and worth its price. Facilities are ok, nothing to go crazy about. On the downside : Wifi is not free and really slow. Instead, go to the pub down the street (next to the ferry dock), they have a free access. It got quite loud at night because of a whole bunch of kids staying there, but that's just our badluck.

Pensione Sorriso

Cinque Terre, Italy

Beautiful hotel with awesome staff. A little pricey, but then again, everything is pricey in that area. Super clean and spacious enough. Location is perfect, barely 50 meters from the train station. Some have complained about the train noises, but our room (which was closest to the rails) was well built and soundproof. So this was not a problem at all. My only complaint is about the breakfast. It is not included and cost 15 Euros per person! Looks good, but too expensive.

Emerald Fields

Florence, Italy

Very nice place to stay. Not the ideal location, but not bad either. Rooms were really nice and clean (with AC.. thank god!) and so were the bathrooms. Wifi is decent and laptops are available for free. No breakfast, but coffee and cookies are provided. However, we booked 2 ppl in a 3 bed dorm and got separated in 2 diff rooms. No big deal, but the young receptionist made us feel like it was OUR fault even though I did the booking right.. A simple "I am sorry" would have sufficed...

P.R Residency

Amritsar, India

Great hotel to relax. The deal you get from Hostel World is awsome. Not well located to see the sights, but perfect for a night before jumping into a plane. Great service, nice staff and squicky clean! Pricing at the restaurant is a bit steep, but the food is good and portions generous. You have to try to golden Kentucky fried chicken, it's awsome!


Great hostel. Would definitely go back. Not far from the main attractions in Beijing. Great and fun staff, good food. And it looks bloody gorgeous!


Amazing hostel. Probably one of the best I have seen. The bar and lounge are worth the price alone!

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Dear Belanger , It is happy to hear u like our hostel ! Thannk you give us grade . Now we have a plane to make our hostel become a flower place . we will be buy more frish flower and potted flowers to put in the bar and rooms .Welcome come back to felling it . Have a good trip! cloudland yha jane

Manhattan Inn Hostel

New York, USA

I loved this hostel. Located at the nicest place and price is awsome. Good friendly helpful staff, nice kitchen to chat with others, bathroom are top notch quality (silent toilets?), super clean. Maybe not the safest of all, but everyone has a key, so it's ok.

Living Mad Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Awsome hostel. Wasnt there very long, but the ambiance is relaxed and the rooms are great! Only thing, opening those room doors is a *****! You will see once you get there!

Sandy Hostel

Rome, Italy

Not bad hostel. Besides the rooms.. there is not much to do there. No kitchens, no chill out room... hot water might be hard to get sometimes but not in an extreme way.

Derry City Independent Hostel

Derry, Northern Ireland

Really weird hostel, but very original and cool.

Sheep Island View

Ballycastle, Northern Ireland

Great view , great hostel to take some time off and relax.

Belfast International Youth Hostel

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Great and really modern. Just not made especially for backpackers and though, little less fun having all these big groups around. Very very clean and secure though! Great kitchen, library and pool table as well.