Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Australia, Gender: Male, Age: 50

3 Sis Bed and Breakfast

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Really nice place, very helpful staff. A pleasure to stay

Rambuttri Village Inn

Bangkok, Thailand

Had a ground floor room in the middle of the complex which was good for noise from the street (didn't hear any). The air conditioning was cold so a blanket was required at night and the staff were reluctant to hand over extras. Otherwise very good place to stay.

Homy Inn

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

super rock hard beds. Small is an understatement-compact is a better one. Good value for money

Godzillas Hostel

Moscow, Russia

Very clean, efficient and the staff were accommodation as possible

Madras Hotel

Singapore, Singapore

No customer comment

Majestic Tourist Hotel

Kandy, Sri Lanka

When I got to the hotel, it was like the place was deserted. I had to search for staff to book in (admittedly I was told the receptionist was fired). There aren't any signs in english to help out. It was a bit like being in the big hotel in "The Shining". That being said the place is a solid 30 minute walk from the centre of town. The manager and other people working at the hotel were excellent good people and were very helpful

Tropic Inn @De Vos Avenue

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Small place, a bit spartan in terms of presentation-white walls and nothing else. Very clean and very helpful staff


No customer comment

Farah Hotel

Amman, Jordan

Reasonable value for the money, staff are very helpful. Lots of cats around the place and inside the lobby.

Peace Way Hotel

Petra, Jordan

This place is excellent. Clean, helpful staff, they pay for a taxi to the gates for Petra, the breakfast (included) is really good and the place is very good value for the money. The walk up the hill from the bus station is more like a solid 10m uphill walk, and the water pressure in the shower is a bid sad.

Lisbon Lounge Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

rooms with doors onto the stairwell landings get very noisy and loud

Pension Bahia

Barcelona, Spain

security is pretty ordinary, the door locks on the rooms definitely need to be updated and made much more secure.