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Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 34

Best Island Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

One of the best values in Istanbul. Great location, stunning views of Sophia (you can almost touch it) and the sea. The terrace is a great place to meet people, hangout, and sleep (if that's your style). The bathrooms & showers are good (one on each floor). For me, the best and influential moments was hanging out with great people from neighbouring countries (i.e. Syria) and hearing their stories, which has changed me for life. I stayed here a week and plan to stay longer, cya here :)

Kif-Kif Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

Great family runned hostel. I showed up early in the morning with not enough money to pay the cabbie. The staff paid the rest and never asked me to pay it back (although I did). Each day, they invited me to eat with them, which to me is a great honor and act of generosity. The hostel has a very relaxed feel to it, cozy downstairs and great terrace which is the best place to sleep at night. Great location, minutes away from the medina and the bus stop. Every staff member was really friendly

Be Dream Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Located just outside of Barcelona, in Badalona, but very close to the beach (great parties). Also, the metro station and supermarket are just minutes away. Similar to many European hostels, the place was clean but abit like a university dormitory. Bathrooms were clean and the kitchen was well stocked. What really made the place was the staff, they were super friendly and accommodating (even when fully booked they let me hang around all night). When I had nothing to eat, they helped me out.


Good dorm rooms and excellent bathrooms. Supermarket right next door. Big common area and a great patio, and there\'s a kitchen! The downside is that kitchen only had 1 pot and 1 burnt out pan, almost like they didn\'t want you to use the kitchen. I tried making a grilled cheese sandwich and the owner told me I couldn\'t and that only \"simple\" Chinese food could be made there. I found the staff quite rude, definitely not for travelers who do their own stuff but it\'s the only hostel in to

Yangshuo Showbiz Hostel

Yangshuo, China

It was abit hard to find, as you have to go through an alley way but it is located near other hostels. Nice dorm rooms and clean bathrooms. Not too much of a hang out spot, but the entire town of Yangshuo is like a big hang out spot.

Wada Hostel in Guilin

Guilin, China

Great hostel, located 2 bus stops away from the train station. The owner is often working at the bar and very friendly to talk with. She even took us out for a walk around the park. The dorms were spacious and bathrooms clean. The prices are excellent.


First time in China and arrived late at night. The hostel was close to the metro station but I found the longest way there. The staff was friendly and quickly got to meet alot of people in the bar. Good atmosphere. The bathrooms were just average, but the showers always had hot water. The Bund was mere steps away and travel to bars, pubs, etc... was cheap by taxi.

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Dear David Park,thanks very much for your comments and welcome to come next time!

Han Tang Inn Hostel

Xi'an, China

Arrived there but they had moved to their new location. The new location was excellent and relatively close to the train station (1 bus to get there). Brand new rooms and great bathrooms. The staff was great and helpful with our questions. Unfortunately there wasn't alot of guests so I'm unsure about social atmosphere.

Khaosan Tokyo Ninja

Tokyo, Japan

Great hostel! Spent several nights there and evey night was meeting new people and chilling. Location was alright, not too far from a metro station and closer to the Sumo wrestling stadium. Good kitchen. Dorms were clean and had good A/C (hot and cold). Clean bathrooms (Japanese have great toilets), good showers. The staff was amazing, super friendly and helpful. We went out one night with some of the staff, that was great. Highly recommended.

Khaosan Tokyo Ninja

Tokyo, Japan

Loved it there. The staff was more than friendly, great common-room and kitchen, free internet, decent bunks. We had a mixed dorm for two nights and a two-bed private room for one night. Both were very comfortable. The location is easy to get to, minutes away from the metro/subway. Close to the best electronics shopping in Tokyo (Akihabara). We had a great party with everyone staying there one night, really mellow atmosphere, late night drinking (not too rowdy). Another day, some workers at the hostel showed us around Tokyo. If you\'re at least abit social, you\'ll have fun here.

Hiroshima Hana Hostel

Hiroshima, Japan

Nearby the train station. Rooms were alright, but probably could have used one less bed as the rooms were abit crowded (but only by abit). The common room was abit small, but great for meeting and talking with people. My experience there was good, someone cooked me dinner. Clean place, as most Japanese places are.


Great and modern-style hostel. Clean rooms and bathrooms. Spacious and well stocked kitchen. Location is alright, a 15 - 20 min walk to the train station. Also nearby supermarkets. In all this place was great, but the big lounge wasn\'t that conducive to meeting and talking with people even though there was plenty of people. Seemed like quite a posh place (for a hostel). I felt like a bum in a chill-lounge drinking my bottle of scotch. Other than that, it\'s great.


This was my first Tokyo hostel experience. This hostel was labeled as the cheapest in Tokyo at the time, and I was expecting a lot worse. I would describe it as hanging out at a friend\'s house. The rooms are average, although the walls aren\'t very thick (can hear people occassionally). Beds were ok, clean sheets, good toilets (being in japan). There was free internet, which rocks. The kitchen was small but functional. The atmosphere is what makes this place, like I said, it\'s like staying at a friend\'s house. Have a couple of drinks around the couches, watch TV, chat with people, go out, repeat. The common-room is cozy and encourages people to talk. Just down the street there\'s a hostel bar (Smile 23) which is a great place to chat with other travellers. The location is nearby major metro/subway stations and visible landmarks, although it is down a side-street. I think the closest beer vending machine was only 100 meters away. I would recommend this for people who are used to usual hostel things (people nearby, dorm rooms, shared bathrooms).

Hostel ROOM Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Spacious dorms, had a feeling I was staying at someone\'s rather large house. Fell asleep watching TV and drinking beers (had a crate of beers that I carried around with me) a couple of times. Location is convenient, with a supermarket and the downtown close by.

Hotel Belfort

Paris, France

An average hostel/hotel. Dorm room was abit cramped, especially with everyone\'s backpack but not overly so. Lobby was nice, had computers. Location was nearby the metro. The best part was hanging out with Reg, the concierge. Ask him about his artwork.

Praha-Heaven Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

If it wasn\'t for the late running trams I would have to walk back, which is a bit far from the town square.

Frankfurt Hostel

Frankfurt, Germany

Near the train station. Was alright, but the neighbourhood was pretty boring. Mind you, that was four years ago.