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Red Carabao Community

Manila, Philippines

The hostel was a fun but there are some major issues. First, the location is far from everywhere so taxi price is going to cost you. Second, no hot water in the showers. Third, bunks are so thin and uncomfortable. Fourth, internet only works for a few hours in the early morning if you're lucky. Fifth, you can't go and come as you please without telling someone. They lock the door and you're stuck if no one is home. Staff were cool but didn't like the owner is the reason for the poor rating.

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Dear diary...

Hostel One Home

Prague, Czech Republic

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Pride of Paddington

London, England

The good things about this hostel is the location and cleanliness. The bed is a little rough and there is no kitchen. My biggest complaint is Romanian guy in the common room. He is a long time stayer who thinks the common room is his personal space. The common room is very small so you can't avoid his control of the TV, its volume, and his mouth.

Paddy's Palace Killarney

Killarney, Ireland

The hostel was great. Only complaint was the bathroom for the dorm was on another floor. Oh yeah, don't trust anyone who likes Vegemite.

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Thanks for the review. You're welcome to take some back home with you next time!

Sinai Old Spices

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

It's a wonderful welcoming place, super clean, very cozy and with a beautiful decoration- every little detail made with love! The owners are extremely sweet people who want to make your stay as nice as possible! :0) It's lovely to sit on the big roof terrace or in the little backyard with a relaxing fountain. :0) It's one of our best places we stayed in Egypt and we would come back anytime! Highly recommended!! :0)

Citadel Youth Hostel

Jerusalem, Israel

It really could be a cozy place according to the lovely roof terrace, the atmosphere, decoration etc but the BIG PROBLEM is the space! When it's raining, the people sleeping on the roof come inside and you have to step over 30 bodies lying on the floor, means absolutely zero space to sit down anywhere anymore!! Also we were really shocked when we saw that a couple was being charged 10 Shekels for using the toilet after deciding not to stay there. (!) Cat steals the food from the fridge!!!

Eurasia Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Very clean hostel. Near all of sights. Not much social interaction so go to a bar for some fun. Great place for quiet sleep.

Jati Home Stay and Gallery

Ubud, Indonesia

They have 3 different hotels. Stay at the main one but the others are really nice too.